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View Full Version : Question about cleaning brake dust

Wed, Aug-25-2004, 09:38:31 PM
What does everyone here do for cleaning brake dust? I use the Armorall wheel cleaner, and it seems to do a good job of removing 98% of the dust, but there seems to be some particles that form a hard cake - these do not get removed by the cleaner. Anyone else experience this?

Also, for those who live in freezing climes, how do you clean your wheels in winter?


Wed, Aug-25-2004, 09:45:15 PM
I just use some household cleaner and a paper towel. This may be the wrong way to go about it but it seems to have no ill effects.

Wed, Aug-25-2004, 09:57:56 PM
I have had good results from P21S gel wheel cleaner. I have used it on numerous alloys from various cars and never had a problem. I then apply a coat of car wax after about every five cleanings to facilitate in clean-up the next time.

I wouldn’t use a household cleaning product as some may be a bit too acidic and could cause problems on non clear coat alloys and you wouldn’t know you had a problem until the damage was done.

Thu, Aug-26-2004, 12:34:15 AM
I've been using Sonus Gel and another spray and wash cleaner, I forget the brand. Both are fine for the day-to-day build up but I have massive caking/etching from the previous owner. It literally looks like the inside of the rims were painted black and just wore off. I tried some Mother's Billet polish but it didn't do anything.

Any ideas?? I heard steam cleaning might work.