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View Full Version : Just tried Mothers Billet Metal Polish on HRE

Sun, Aug-22-2004, 04:15:51 PM
HRE 840R rims, the polished part, NOT the clear coat center. I got the recommendation from Chris Meyer on Roadfly. I bought it at Pep Boys. Look no further for your polishing needs, this stuff blows the competition away. Has a nice lemon smell, and does not seem nearly as toxic as all the other products.

*************details below***********


Mothers® Billet Metal Polish takes our world famous metal polish technology to a whole new level. State of the art cleaners and cutting edge formulation give your billet, forged and finely cast aluminum, brass and other polishable metals the absolute finest finish available — guaranteed. If you’ve spent big bucks on quality metal accessories, step up to a polish worthy of your investment.

#05106, 4 oz.

Mothers™ Billet Metal Polish combines state-of-the-art cleaners with a cutting edge formulation, resulting in unmatched performance at any price. This powerful polish is gentle on your most delicate and intricate polishable metal surfaces.

Mothers™ developed Billet Metal Polish to use on billet, forged, and finely cast aluminum, brass and all polishable metals. Professional detailers, enthusiasts, and the most discriminating collectors rely on the gentle effectiveness of Mothers™ Billet Metal Polish. They understand how easily the wrong product can undermine even the most practiced elements of detailing. When it comes to sensitive surfaces, don’t settle for anything less than the best.

Time and again, the Pro’s reach for Mothers™ Billet Metal Polish; the name they know, the polish they trust, to be gentle without compromising performance.

You’ve invested in your quality metal accessories, now kick it up a notch... step up to a polish reputable enough to earn the trust of detailing professionals. Mothers™ Billet Metal Polish… Anything less, is just...less.

Please Note:
It is normal for a black residue to appear on the applicator when using Billet Metal Polish on aluminum. If it fails to form stop polishing immediately. The metal is probably clear coated and should be maintained with Mother™ Clear Coat Wheel Polish.

4 oz. can


Fri, Aug-27-2004, 03:36:12 AM
I just tried this on my stock BMW rims. It didn't do anything. It must not work on all metals.

Wed, Sep-01-2004, 11:51:19 PM
I just tried this on my stock BMW rims. It didn't do anything. It must not work on all metals.

Metal polish is the last thing you want to use on the OEM wheels - They have a clearcoat on them, and there is the possibility that the polish can rip right through the clear and even marr up/remove the finish underneath. The Billet metal polish is for raw polished aluminum surfaces such as that found on the HRE/Fikse/Kinesis lips without clearcoats.

Roguish Racing
Thu, Sep-16-2004, 07:25:13 AM
Gonna pick some up...let you know if all goes well...

Fri, Sep-17-2004, 06:44:30 AM
Yep, you got the best stuff for lips. For your clearcoated centers use this:

MOTHERS CLEAR COAT WHEEL POLISH http://superiorcarcare.net/moclcowhpo.html

Clear-coated wheels will dull with time-the surface is a clear coat, which is just like paint. You polish and wax the rest of the paint on your car, right? Give your clear-coated and painted wheels the same respect with Mothers® Clear Coat Wheel Polish. Designed specifically for wheel coatings, it will remove minor scratches and blemishes and polish out all the little imperfections. Your wheels will sparkle just as bright as your paint-give them some Mothers®' love with Clear Coat Wheel Polish.

#05108, 8 oz.

On my OEM 19's, this stuff works wonders. The BIZZZOMB!!! Oh yeah, and it does smell great for some reason.

Sun, Sep-19-2004, 09:26:13 PM
Yep, the Mother's Increible Billet Aluminum Polish is great for HRE lips. I use it on all my client's polished aluminum lipped rims. Jus tbe careful not to use too much or it gets all over the place.