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Tue, Aug-17-2004, 08:43:04 PM
I don't have ANY car care products yet. It seems like many people recommend Zaino for the exterior of the car but isn't that just polish/gloss which I really don't have time to apply often. Is there a really GOOD washing product (something equivalent to "soap" haha--sorry, I am quite new to the car care product world) for the car? I mean, a product I can use right after rinsing the car with water first. And, which towels/cloths are good to use to wipe the car dry afterwards? Are there Zaino "wash" products or only wax/gloss/polish? I also want to know if there are similar products for the tires and rims (stock). Any special instruments that can be used to keep the car looking new (brushes, "buffers" etc.) that also don't take the better part of a day?
For the interior, I understand that either Zaino cleaner & conditioner or Leatherique "prestine cleaner" & Rejuvenating Oil is good to use (on the Nappa leather). Also, perhaps more importantly, where can I get these products? Are they available only online? What about the products that the dealers themselves have to offer? All the s h i t available in Kragen/Target etc. seems to be generic brands that probably will not seem to help keep the M3 sparkling. I use Armor-all wipes to keep the glass clean and shiny. Is Armor-all okay to use on the M3 interior--dashboard, console, other plastic areas or can someone recommend a MUCH better brand?
I know this is rather long but I would like to be better educated about keeping one's car clean. Thanks for any positive/helpful comments.
Cheers! :peace:
P.S: I live in the Bay Area so if someone can recommend a good store/place to get some of the products I would greatly appreciate it.