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View Full Version : How much life in a 325M

Thu, Aug-05-2004, 10:34:27 AM
How many miles or kms do people think or hear could be expected from a well maintained M325 of say 1988 vintage?? Obviously this is rough guess territory and depnds on what major work is done but....???

Thu, Aug-05-2004, 01:29:30 PM
M325???? Correct me if I'm wrong here guys, but there's no such thing. The guy has a 325 and bought an "M" emblem and put it on in front of the 325 emblem. Posercar extraordinaire.

Thu, Aug-05-2004, 07:40:03 PM
Thnak you for that. Apologies for not being picky enough. The question is a genuine one from a genuine owner and relates to an E30 M3 1988 - if anyone has an idea.