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View Full Version : Sealant to Prep Paint for winter

Thu, Aug-05-2004, 02:45:52 AM
I've heard good things about sealants other than Zaino and their long term protective qualities. I'm enjoying waxing the car weekly to bi-weekly during the non-winter months but I'd like to give the paint a strong long-lasting sealent base-layer protection for the winter that I can wax on top of. Any suggestion?? Thanks.

Thu, Aug-05-2004, 03:02:47 AM
Klasse All-in-One protectant.
There is a polish, glaze, and sealant. But I think you can get the sealant separately. I've heard nothing but good things about this product. Some even like it more than Zaino. It's some German company and you can only get it online through a few "authroized distributors". Have a look around.

Thu, Aug-05-2004, 03:06:14 AM
Klasse All-in-One protectant, heard good things too.

Thu, Aug-05-2004, 08:26:18 AM
Zaino, Klasse or Blackfire should do it.

Fri, Aug-06-2004, 04:00:32 PM
Poorboy's EX-P sealant is very good also.



Sat, Aug-07-2004, 01:36:31 AM
Dawn soap
Klasse all in one
2 coats of Klasse sealant initially, then one ~ 6 weeks