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View Full Version : getting ready to order

Thu, Nov-14-2002, 01:31:37 AM
I have some questions about ordering. I intend to put about $30K and finance the rest. When I order how much is expected down? At what point does downpayment expected and the financing finalized?

do I give them $1000 to order, then the balance of the downpayment and financing arrangements at or near the pickup?

Thu, Nov-14-2002, 02:39:39 AM
first time buying a car? :D

anyway, what is required down depends on your credit and the bank doing the financing. some wont require anything down..others will require 10%.

if your credit is excellent...try http://www.peoplefirst.com

$1k is a goodfaith deposit when you order your car to your specs.

when the car comes in, the $1k is applied to the purchase. financing is done when you take delivery.

if you put down $30k, you should get a nice rate; i think any bank will lend you the balance with that much down unless your credit is sh*t.

good luck

Thu, Nov-14-2002, 04:09:53 AM
thanks! no i this is buy far not my first time buying a car. however it is my first time not getting one off the lot.

so i can order it with 1k, around delivery i can coordiante the balance of the downpayment and the financing. i was concerned that i would have to complete the transaction at the time fo the order and miss a couple of months of investment time with the 29k.