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Tue, Aug-03-2004, 01:40:33 AM
Has anyone used Zaino's "leather in a bottle" and cleaner, and if so, is it any good and does it really "soften the leather" as Zaino claims. Also, does it matter if I use their so-called special car wash, or can Use my trusty Turtle Wax car wash?

Now for the rant: DON'T BUY THE CLAY BAR!!! I'ts the same f*@~ing stuff you can get at any art store for TWO BUCKS! And another thing: I have a sneaking suspicion that their Z6 enhancer is nothing but vinegar and strawberry smell :hmm: . So, I say get the Zfx and polishes (and the gloss enhancer if you must), but please people, don't be fooled by cheap clay, and use old cotton T-shirts (sorry Lupus Foundation, I need these ragged clothes) instead of towels when applying.

Wed, Aug-04-2004, 02:52:49 PM
I will let other's speak about the Leather Conditioner. Although I have used it with excellent results. I picked up some pretty filthy, ground in years of dirt, seats for my 633, and using a soft brush and some serious soaking, they cleaned up nicely. Not to the point of looking new, but pretty close. Let's face it, 20 year old leather that looked like it had never been cleaned and they look pretty decent now. It did take me 1 1/2 bottles of cleaner to get years of ground in dirt out.

Second, yes you can use any car wash, as long as it does not contain wax. Washes with wax will, over time tend to dull Zaino. The advantage of the Car Wash, and the Z-6 is they contain a small anount of polish, so you are renewing the the finish a bit,(not as much as a coat of polish) when you use them. Which also should answer your other question.... No, it is not just vinegar and a good smell. It contains anti-static properties, polish and a combination of gloss enhancers that do work IF your towels don't get dried to the point of containing massive amounts of static.
Biggest complaint I run into with Zaino, it attracts dust... as soon as I question the customer about their towel drying methods, we find out the cotton towels get high heat until they are hot and full of static. That static gets transfererd to the car and will attract dust.

Automotive clay is not the same as modeling clay, however I am going to check it out at the local craft store. Modeling clay contains grit, automotive clay does not. It is a special synthetic compund that will not scratch your paint, when used properly. It will not leave any gritty residue behind.

As far as using old T-shirts - no way, they have no nap, and the dirt will remain on the surface and create swirls. Unless you are washing and polishing your car in a clean room, you will get airborne dust on it, even after a wash. The stuff is in the air.... That is why a towel/applicator has nap, and why Microfiber towels have become the boon of detailing. They abosrb the dirt and keep it away from the surface, a T-shirt wil not absorb the dirt, just drag it across the surface.
Hope this helps a bit

Wed, Aug-04-2004, 06:30:39 PM

j/k, thanks for the info, however, I still believe the proof is in the pudding, and I did my car with cotton Ts, and it looks very nice, also, when I used a cotton towel to dry the car, it linted the heck out of it (with california water blade, the job gets done very quickly and with no swirl marks). I'm just trying to save people time and energy and money, because I know it's scary not to do exactly as the manufacturure suggests.

Wed, Aug-04-2004, 06:50:05 PM
Toss your cotton towels anf get a large waffle MF towel and you will find it saves a lot of time drying the car.

I'm not sure about modeling clay but the zaino and mother's clay are the same so get whatever is cheaper.