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Tue, Aug-03-2004, 12:04:16 AM
i just zaino'ed my car... dawn wash, 2 layers of z5, 1 z2, 1 z5 and then lastly another z2 (all mixed w/ zfx and spray of z6 in between each layer) i have a few questions tho... first, i heard some products that have similar properties as zaino (bonding w/ the paint/clearcoat) start to haze or loses its shine after the polish wears off and if u stop using their products, does this happen w/ zaino? and when i was applying my zaino, i started to get some streaking when i was buffing off, the polish had dried cuz it passed the finger test, did i apply too much? not mix my solutions right? and is there any way to tell if the zaino bonded the the paint correctly? the car looks shiney and good, and water beeds off. im hoping i applied it correctly.

Wed, Aug-04-2004, 02:34:57 PM
Without actually seeing the polish on the car, and as a normal first time user, I would say you put it on too thick. The coats should barely be visible, not thick like you might do a carnuba. When I do demos, people are amazed at how thin it should be.
Second, I have never seen Zaino haze, and I have a car I have been letting sit without a touchup for 12 months. It has lost it's shine and beading, but the paint was always clear. This was an experiment to see how long the new formula lasted.
FYI, it looked like it was good for about 10 months on an outside kept car.
When the car was washed I used Z-7 and did not Z-6. I suspect if I Z-6'd after every wash, it would have lasted even longer.
So, yes you are fine, just remember "THIN" next time you put a coat on.