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View Full Version : Attention: All North and Central FL

Wed, Jul-14-2004, 02:13:00 PM
Hey everyone, I just want to check the interest level in organizing a camping trip around the end of September. After camping in many different places around the state and I think that Ginnie Springs would be the best. Ginnie Springs is located near High Springs, FL, which is northwest of Gainsville. Please voice your opinion in this post and lets see if this is something worth planning. PLEASE voice your opinions as to why this is something that would be interested in or why you might not want to do it.

FYI: Ginnie Springs is about 2 hours from Orlando, 2 hours from Tally, 1.5 Hours from Jacksonville, 1/2 an hour from Gainesville, 2 hours from Tampa. Its pretty much equidistant from all the major cities in FL with the exception of South Florida.

I was thinking the Orlando crew could meet the Tampa guys somewhere off 75. From there we could roll into Gainsville and hookup with that crew, from there we roll to Ginnie and Jax and Tally can meet us there.

Overall, PLEASE just voice your Opinions!!! Thanks :beer:

Info on Ginnie Springs: Ginniespringsoutdoors.com