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View Full Version : Going shopping..opinions needed

Mon, Jul-12-2004, 02:34:45 PM
I am going to go to the store today to get some new things for cleaning my car. Here is a list of some options that I want to get.

Sheepskin Mit or Chenille wash mit(which is better?)--For washing the car
Waffle Weave drying towel or a microfiber towel(which is better?)
100% cotton terry detailing towels
P21S Total Auto Wash
1Z insect and tar pre-cleaner
Zaino(order off internet)
Handi Grip foam applicator
Buffing towel
Meguiars quik clay or clay magic perfect finish(which is better?)

I want to get everything I need for perfect washing/drying/polishing/waxing...what stuff is the best? am i forgetting anything? should I get more or less of anything? Any help and opinions on products would be great. Thanks.


Wed, Jul-14-2004, 08:01:43 AM
you're off to a good start; looks like your list already has some quality products; now it just comes down to personal preference.

Wed, Jul-14-2004, 08:28:53 PM
Go here: www.properautocare.com- John's a real nice guy over there. Or here: www.pakshak.com

I use a chenille mitt. Wash it after every car wash and put it to tire duty after about every 3 car washes. Whether you get sheepskin, chenille or microfiber, dirt gets embedded in them after continuous use, regardless of washing. I buy a new mitt after 3 washes to combat that.

Waffles are great for drying and use the micro's to finish it up and for polish, glaze and wax removal. Get a plush micro for buffing.

Be careful with those 100% cotton terry towels that are cheap. Those are probably best for wheel cleaning if anything. Gotta get the expensive one's to make sure they don't scratch the finish.

There's alot of good stuff out there - Zaino, Zymol, Menzerna, P21(S100), Pinnacle, etc... To each his own. There all good and it's down to personal preference.

I use the meguair's clay- no complaints. I don't think which clay is a big deal though.

I use this: http://www.properautocare.com/mecarcakit.html. Works sweet. Two months and still beading strong.

Good luck.......