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Thu, Jul-01-2004, 12:13:52 AM
Does anyone know a good product to clean up rims? I mean something strong that wont screw up anything. Thanks.

Thu, Jul-01-2004, 03:00:12 AM
I use p21s

Thu, Jul-01-2004, 03:24:44 AM
i clean mine on a very regular basis and i never need anything stronger than car wash soap. if you have neglected them for a while a wheel cleaner made for "all wheels" might do the trick, however using this on a regular basis could harm the clear coat. regular washing of the rims is the best way to keep them looking good. a good coat of synthetic auto polish will keep them looking shiny as well.

Thu, Jul-01-2004, 03:53:23 AM
This is what I use- Eimann Hi-Intensity http://www.properautocare.com/hi-c32.html It works great and is safe for clear coats. I use it at full strength. I just spray it the rim AND tire, then hit them with a wheel brush. The inner part of the rim I hit w/ an old chenille mitt.

As for polishing them up, I use Mothers Clear Coat Wheel Polish. http://www.superiorcarcare.net/moclcowhpo.html This stuff is the bomb. Really shines'm up and protects them as well. It also smells pretty good compared to other wheel polishes. This stuff put some serious bling on my 19's after I used it. And it does as advertised and fills in some of the fine lines and scratches.

Thu, Jul-01-2004, 05:15:54 AM
If you want something simple and easier to find than what has already been mentioned, go pick up Eagle-One A~Z All Wheel Cleaner. I believe its in a clear orange bottle. There are alot of great products out there but this one does its job very well with half the price. Works with all wheels so you have the peace of mind that it wont ruin anything even after you decide to get new rims. You can find this product in pretty much any store... wallmart, target, kragen, auto zone, etc

Thu, Jul-01-2004, 05:21:54 AM
I use p21s

Me too. :thumbsup:

Sat, Jul-03-2004, 04:33:09 AM
Anyone tried the BMW Rim Cleaner?