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View Full Version : Best M3 repair shop in Washington DC area? Any suggestions?

Wed, Jun-30-2004, 12:51:48 AM
Well I finally found out about my "totaled" car today from the hit and run accident I was in and I found out that they are not going to total it which sort of sucks for me because I'll never of course be able to sell it for anywhere close to what I would have gotten for it after this much repair work.

They are estimating the repairs at upwards of $20,000 dollars so since I really can't argue with the insurance company I now have to ask this question, hopefully someone knows the answer.

I want this car to be as *close* to it originally was as possible both engine wise and paint wise. Where should an M3 be taken in the Washington DC area for such work?

I of course do not want to take it to "Larry and Joe's Garage" where they know nothing about M3s at all and end up putting it back together all wrong. I was thinking VOB BMW which is in Rockville since they are a major dealer and repair shop, but truthfully I don't really know where to take it.

Anyone have any advice about this? I'd be very appreciative.

Wed, Jun-30-2004, 12:59:30 AM
VOB doesn't have an on-site body shop.

The only dealer in the DC area that has an on-site body shop is Fairfax, where I work...

But I'll tell you right now, with a repair that large, it will take a long time to fix. Not to mention we are slammed with work.

Heres a pic of a common repair we do to the cars at work. We replaced both front frame rails on this car. I believe that repair was around $15,000.