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View Full Version : How to apply touch-up paint 2

Ninja K
Tue, Jun-15-2004, 05:48:29 PM
What a fuking moron. :D

I got the touch up paint out of the door pocket on inpulse and decided, hey I never knew this was here, let's touch up my door mirrors that's had a graze on it for a while...so there I am, putting big blobs of touch-up paint everywhere, so what does the number one muppet do?

He goes and gets a tissue to clear the mirror of blobs and to smoothen the paint work down, and what happens? The tissue paper starts to crumble up into bits and gets stuck into the paintwork.

My car looks like it's come out of the toilet and has freaking shitrole stuck to it's foot. :bugeye:

Here's the original thread: