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View Full Version : How should I clean the car mats?

Ninja K
Thu, May-27-2004, 09:45:58 AM

I haven't got rubber mats in my interior, they're some kind of cotton or another, haven't looked close enough to find out what type they are...

Anyone know if it's a good idea to put them into the washing machine or not? How long for? and what settings?


Thu, May-27-2004, 01:27:35 PM
I wouldn't advise machine washing. They're a composite fiber if you have the M3 mats and you'll be safe doing a hand wash if they're that dirty, hose them down, then air dry. I take the majority of the moisture out of mine with a wet/dry vac then leave them out in the sun to dry.

Thu, May-27-2004, 01:31:21 PM
I use my bissell deep cleaning carpet machine on the mats and carpets of all of my cars.. Works great. SpecialK has the right idea of using a ShopVac, though. Get some carpet cleaning solution (any grocery store carries it). Mix with some hot water and scrub the mats with a brush. Then **** them dry with the shop Vac. This should work quite well.

Mon, May-31-2004, 03:44:17 AM
As a rule of thumb i always give fabric mats a thorough vacuum before cleaning/spot removing of shampooing. If you have fading or some light stains, something like Bissel's Little Green Machine (proheat version) will work great as a carpet shampoo/vacuum all in one. The proheat version heats up the cleaning solutio...which you spray onto the carpets and proceed by scrubbing them. Then after the scrubbing you just swipe the hose several times over the mats and **** up all the dirty water.

Voila, fresh clean carpets/mats in less than 40min :)

I got mine from Amazon.com for a nice price.