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View Full Version : My Klasse/ Pinnacle Soveriegn experience. WOW!!!!

adam ihasz
Tue, May-25-2004, 03:37:45 PM
Keep in mind that my M3 is brand new, literally a few weeks old. Anyway, I used to have a thriving detail business over a decade ago, so, aside from new product, I have a good working knowledge of technique etc...

I purchased the Klasse polish and sealant(glaze) along w/ a can of Pinnacle Sov. from Autotopia. I still am and have always been a huge Zymol fan. It was pouring rain this past sat, so I decided to wash my car. By the way, this is the best time to wash your vehicle. First off, no sun, secondly your vehicle stays wet allowing for more time to clean w/ out soap drying.

After washing I pulled my M3 into the garage and wiped my car down with newly washed, terry cloth towels. I dried the top, hood ad trunk by draping the towel over the area and pulling it across letting the weight of the toewl do the work. This does the trick, terry towels are super absorbant and if just put in the dryer contain no contaminents.

Next I applied the Klasse polish( all in one )...I did this with a very light application, honestly my vehicle did not need it, but I wanted to go through the whole process. I appllied it with a MF applicator. Went on and off VERY easy, my car was gleaming.

Next, I applied the Klasse glaze. This is wear I was skeptical. Going to a synthetic over carnuba is a huge leap, especially if you are soley used to carnuba wax and the application process. I applied the Glaze with a new MF applicator. I was amazed at how so little glaze went such a long way. I did my whole car in 20 min. I went inside, had lunch, then wiped the hazed residue off. This was so easy, I could not believe it. Effortless...What was revealed was an incredible DEEP gloss that felt so smooth.

I then did the rims with the same process and they came out astonishing. My 19's looked like they should have been framed.

I waited the until the next morning to let the glaze cure over night. Then gently wiped down my ride w/ my CA duster. I grabbed the Pinnacle and sprayed the applicator w/ Meg. Final Detail spray to moisten the pad. I worked the applicator into the can and spread a thin coat onto the paint. The moistened pad mad the application effortless. Carnuba, in general is a process to apply, so I took my time. I did one section at a time. Using a MF buffing towel I buffed the wax off before it dried. This is when I saw a shine like never before. The paint was so deep it almost looked 3 dimensional. After wiping the whole car down, I stood back in awe. I waited until the next day and hit the M3 with some final detail spray.

OVERALL: Process - Simple
Time - Depends on person( could have done whole process in 3 hrs or less)
Result - Breathtaking. Klasse( All in One ) and ( Glaze ) coupled with Pinnacles ( Sovereign ) were unmathed for my Carbon Black M3. Hope this helped. I cant wait for my next detail!!!

Tue, May-25-2004, 04:37:16 PM
Glad to hear of you awesome detail experience Adam....but i think you know whats coming....http://detailcity.com/forums/images/smilies/postpics.gif


Klasse AIO (all in one) and Pinnacle Soveriegn are 2 very high-quality products that yield exceptional results.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. :D

adam ihasz
Tue, May-25-2004, 04:46:56 PM
HAHAHA. LOL. How do I post.Im new to this.

Tue, May-25-2004, 07:25:38 PM
HAHAHA. LOL. How do I post.Im new to this.

When you go to 'post reply' you will see an icon half way down the response page called 'manage attachments.'

Once you click into that just attach the pic's you want.