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View Full Version : Former Auto Detailer/ New '04 M3 owner....

adam ihasz
Tue, May-04-2004, 12:30:10 PM
Hello all.. I am picking up my '04 M3 Coupe this weekend. I live on the east coast BTW. Cobalt metallic blue/ Cinammon Nappa int. Options...Every one that could possibly come with vehicle.

I have a comment for all those searching for the elusive " Perfect" detail products. The answer is...there are none. A very good detailer can get more out of a can of turtlewax then a novice w/ Zymol( Contours).

My personal choice is Zymol, either Titanium, Contours, or Carbon in that order. It really come down to application. I do not believe in using machines, ie. speed wheels, orbitals etc. I prefer any wax that has to be worked into the paint rather than let dried. Heat in general will assist the wax in penetrating the paint. This is the reason I insist on applying my wax with my hands.

Is it more expensive, yes. Then again, if you could afford an M3, cost of cleaning products should be an issue.

Bottom line, try them all. In the end, its all good. Peace.

Z rated
Fri, May-07-2004, 12:48:23 AM
ohhhh Watch out BaD looks like you got yourself some competition ;)
Welcome to the board adam