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Jack Sparrow
Tue, Apr-20-2004, 06:46:13 AM
get your m washed by the dealership? I nomrally wash my car myself all the time, but i wanted to see if giving the car to the dealer would be safe? do they use the right materials? jus wondering.

Jack Sparrow
Wed, Apr-21-2004, 01:52:11 AM
no1 knows?

Z rated
Wed, Apr-21-2004, 01:59:25 AM
I sure wouldnt do it, but thats just because im very anal about the way my car is washed. Do you honestly think that the pimply punks that they have driving the cars around use microfibre sponges, one for the wheels and exhaust only, and a completely diferent one for the body of the car. And use a high quality chamois to dry? I sure dont think so. there probably just using a regular cotton rag to dry the cars. And im sure they dont change the water after they clean the wheels and exhaust before starting to clean the body. I dont even let my sponges touch the flor for fear of little pebbles getting stuck in them. Why take the risk of getting swirls. Only thing i let them do is vacuume my M.

Wed, Apr-21-2004, 03:07:36 AM
If you have the time to wash your car by yourself....yes do it. I dont have time so unfortunately, I have Mercedes wash it for me (i bought my m3 used from Benz dealer). First, the car people dont know how to drive a M3 with SMG. So, I have to teach them how to drive my car. Also, I found a small scratch on my driver door last week....not sure where it came from....probably from dealership after getting my car washed.

Wed, Apr-21-2004, 03:48:14 AM
Z rated has summed it up pretty well. I dont want to bash a dealership, especially without knowing its past performance/quality of service, but based on a multitude of negative/horrific experiences people had (including myself)...you'll do significantly more harm entrusting your M3's paint finish by giving to the stealership.

Something as seemingly simple as the difference in the quality of drying material (i.e microfiber/waffle weave, versus generic terry cloth towels) can make a huge impact on the way your paint will look after the wash. You'll be surprised at the level of carelessness within dealerships when it comes down to this, ive seen the same towel used for wheels/tires, the used to wipe the exhaust, the interior glass and then the paint finish itself....and we wonder why a brand new car looks like HELL when it leaves a dealership. Even if they are not going to be cleaning, polishing or waxing your vehicle.....a few careless moves and you will leave with ALOT more work cut-out for you than when you arrived, not to mention the agravation and headache.

I'd investigate a highquality detailer (who emphasizes thoroughness, and only uses the finest products) if you have little time to do this yourself.

Hope this helps.