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View Full Version : The M3...should I do it???

Tue, Apr-13-2004, 05:43:46 PM
Please excuse the newbie post.

My wife is about to purchase a new car. She wants an M3. Period. I want one too. Absolutely beautiful car that is made to drive. I will probably get one that is a year or two old...I'm thinking 2002 with maybe 20-30k on it. I am also going to opt for the SMG...I ride motorcycles...love sequential trans...

Obiviously most people here love the M3. The car I get will have some warranty left hopefully, but I have heard from some friends that are owners that parts/service costs are insane. Should I expect to spend a lot of time at the dealer getting parts replaced or what? I'm sure the car isn't that fault prone, but it is a hot-rod and hot-rods need a lot of love.

Besides the engine failure issue, are there any obvious/major issues?

I just REALLY want one, but I don't want to get it and kick myself for doing so after I drive it for a bit. So reliability???? How is it???

Any insight will be greatly appreciated. She is also considering a 540 sport...but that is a bit boaty for my tastes.

On a related note...I'm currently designing some tooling for a robot that handles the BMW inline 6 heads...I figured that must be a sign that I should buy one :peace:

Tue, Apr-13-2004, 06:18:25 PM

I recommend running a search for the issues you're worrying about. . .If it's an issue, we've most likely dicussed it already. . .If you can't find it, or would like to go more in depth about something, try posting in the main E46 forum(or whatever generation or year M3 your considering getting.)

Welcome to the forum, have fun, and good luck with the info seeking and potential purchase.


Tue, Apr-13-2004, 06:45:48 PM
Thanks. I have been reading up. Has your experience with your M3 been a positive one?

Tue, Apr-13-2004, 10:36:23 PM
Thanks. I have been reading up. Has your experience with your M3 been a positive one?

I've only had it since april 7th. . .so far so good, but again I haven't had it very long.


Tue, Apr-13-2004, 11:03:13 PM
The only issue with my M3 is the fuel. It is abour 19 MPG City/Highway. Other than that, it is an awesome car as long as you dont get the lemon one.

Sat, Apr-17-2004, 08:20:37 PM
This is my second E46 M3...no problems with either one with one minor exception. My driver side window is slightly off track and makes a popping sound when going down. I refuse to use my local dealer and have just not gotten around to getting it fixed yet. Wonderful car and try to go the CPO route if you're worried about maintenance.

Tue, Apr-27-2004, 12:22:54 PM
So does the CPO thing work well??? Is it really useful or just a marketing tool?

Lemon - So are you saying that there are random lemons or what?

And I have not yet called my insurance company...how does insurance on those cars stack up against say a maxima or similar sedan? Lots more or a little more? Anyone have a real world example? I realize it depends on the driver and the record. I'm just talking in relative terms here...

Thanks for the input.

Tue, Apr-27-2004, 05:41:39 PM
Wow Frank, I didn't realize you were almost a virgin. I bet that "04" is tight. How many miles do you have on it. Is it broke in??? :smash:

Welcome iyfphoto. M3 all the way. I have had no regrets, except for the fact that somebody didn't like my car or how I parked and decided to Kick it. It is truly fun to drive. :thumbsup:

As far as insurance..... I was kinda the speed demon when growing up acheiving the bad driving record and all. But being after 5 years without a ticket I finally got fair insurance. I pay $140 for 10 months a year.

C-ya around

Tue, May-18-2004, 05:01:06 AM
Get it! Great ride besides my 13.4 city mileage. The price you pay for entry. All service is taken care of for first 50,000 miles(oil change's, brake pads, etc...).

Trust me, you won't regret it!