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View Full Version : Electric's Shut Down

Fri, May-29-2009, 01:39:14 PM
My 98 M3 that has an installed XM Radio and a Valentine Radar detector both wired into the electrical system. Both were put in about 3 years ago.
As of May 29th my dash controls for the A/C and heat froze and then went completely dead. Latter in day it turned back on only to go dead again after 20 minutes. My windows don't go up and down unless I hold the switch down for the entire cycle. My gauge for the outside temperature has missing characters , and the light for the odometer has gone out.

Before I head to a dealer, curious does anyone have any ideas on how to check the electrics? No fuses are out. I find it very disturbing.
Does one need to buy a meter to read the fault messages?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.