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View Full Version : Valve clatter/fuel starvation??

Tue, Aug-21-2001, 10:21:00 PM
I have read that some E46 M3 owners are experiencing bent cam/valve prob due to fuel starvation. Seems most are around 4000 to 5000 miles. I have noticed a ticking sound coming from the engine which sounds like valve clatter (hope Im not going to experience the same prob! http://m3forum.com/ubb/frown.gif )

Took it to the dealership and was told to put more miles on it to see if it goes away...they said they didnt want to remove the head so early in the engines life.

For all E46 M3 owners, definitely follow your break-in procedures, particularly the 5500 rpm limit. The OBD on the car records the last recorded high rpm and the mile that it occurred. Dont want to experience the same problem and then have them tell you that it's because you over revved the engine during break in.

If anyone has had this problem with their E46 M3, I would appreciate hearing the details.


Sat, Jul-10-2004, 02:46:35 AM
I agree Frank.

This guy didn't follow break and and look what happend....


Sat, Jul-10-2004, 02:49:45 AM
trev, are you digging up sh~t from the mesozoic age?

Sat, Jul-10-2004, 02:56:34 AM
Yes. Its a test you see.

We can relate topics from 4 years ago to stuff still being asked today....