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View Full Version : e36 m3 resources in North Carolina

Tue, Mar-09-2004, 11:56:06 PM
Hello all,
I'm considering a move to NC (Durham area) from California for a new job, and I'd like to buy a good, low mileage, well maintained '95-'99 m3 as my primary vehicle once I get there and find one that fits the bill. I have a couple general questions for anyone who's in the area or with good advice: :help:

1) Whom do you go to to have your service and maintenance done? Is there a good (read reasonably priced and truthful) local shop/dealer that is particularly well suited to working on these models and giving sound advice?

2) I'm not too familiar with the weather conditions throughout the year. Is it even practical to think I can run an m3 year-round; particularly in the winter months?

3) Can you suggest any local classifieds or websites as a good place to begin a search for locally located used m3's?

4) Can I expect to pay more/less in the NC area for an m3 than here in Cali; or would it be better to find one here and ship her over?

5) Any general suggestions for a newbie to NC, to this board, to m3's, etc.

Thanks in advance for any help... :beer:

Mon, Mar-29-2004, 11:39:10 PM
1) Motorsports Connections in Winston Salem NC OR Korman Automotive in Greensboro (if you want to pay an arm and a leg)

2) Yes, you can get away with driving one year round, but bear in mind there will be some snow and ice so be prepared.

3) get a local zip code here in NC 27127 is in Winston, and use autotrader.com, cars.com, http://www.tarheelbmwcca.org/

4) about the same

5) Check out the DTMPower.net Regional section - tons of NC locals. Join the BMWCCA and the Tarheel chapter, and then sign up for the first Driving school you can.

Triple T
Tue, Apr-13-2004, 02:46:25 AM
I live in Durham, NC. and moved down from NEw England so the warm weather and mild winters are a welcome change.

I recently traded in my '03 330Ci for an '04 M3. I bought it at Leith BMW in Raleigh off of Capital Blvd. I dealt with a salesguy named Roland. Very professional and treated me extremely well. I would suggest getting a vehicle here instead of CA. The prices were extremely fair and plus you don't have to ship or drive your car here and put unwanted miles on it.

Shoot me an Pm or email me and I can point you in the right direction.

T :thumbsup: