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View Full Version : Recommendations for who to select for pre-purchase inspection in Houston, TX ...

Sat, Mar-07-2009, 12:37:15 AM
... I am looking at purchasing my first 1999 M3 convert from Expo Motorcars in Houston, TX. I live in upstate NY and I have a local BMW dealer looking into the VIN for service history considering the high miles, car seems pretty clean and cheap (relatively speaking). I'm not new to BMW's and have most recently had a 1996 E38, so I am familiar with making repairs when the mileage gets up there. I've read many of the threads on pre-purchase inspections including the suspension items, oil pump nut, power steering line, coolant system issues, etc. so I'm somewhat versed on the "what to expect when you buy a used E36."

Question: Can anyone recommend a M3Forum.net type inspector that can head out there tomorrow for a test drive, etc. before I make an offer on this car? Is there anyone on the forum that is recommended and what's it going to cost besides a six-pack and some good company ? ;-)

Also, if the car is solid with the exception of a few recommended items that should be replaced/repaired before the 20 hour drive, I'd like to connect with a local Houston M3forum.net-er who service's their own M3 and wouldn't mind hosting me and my new M3 convert while we get our hands dirty in the garage. I do all my own work on my cars, BMW service rates are not my game.

Ok, that's probably a lot to ask for my first post, let me know how many forum rules I've broken so I can have my wife punish me with a booty spankin' ;-)