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Wed, Feb-11-2009, 12:41:46 AM
Hi guys,

Here are a couple of shots of my customer's car with the Stoptech Big Brake Kit for M3 (http://www.modbargains.com/product.aspx?pf_id=Stoptech_Big_Brake_Kit_BMW_E46_ M3_BL) incase you needed some more inspiration to pick up a set:). Take a look:

Stoptech Big Brake Kit BMW E46 M3
http://www.modbargains.com/images/Products/E46M3_updated_014%20copy.jpg (http://www.modbargains.com/product.aspx?pf_id=Stoptech_Big_Brake_Kit_BMW_E46_ M3_BL)

We carry multiple options to meet every budget and applications. We also carry BBKs for your 3, 5, 6, 7, Z, and X series. Let me know if you would like a quote. You can always reach me through phone, email, PM, AIM, or feel free to post in this thread. Thanks for checking out my thread guys!