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Wed, Feb-25-2004, 01:33:14 AM
When the weather gets better I am going to try the 3M Swirl Mark remover and see how that works, but my question is if I want to strip off the wax, in my case, actually 4 coats of Zaino, if washing the car once with Dawn and then with the Zaino car wash enough?

I don't want to apply the Swirl Mark remover over the Zaino since it won't be applied directly to the pain and essentially will waste my time, but I want to be sure I strip everything off so I get down to the paint and get better results.


Wed, Feb-25-2004, 01:35:12 AM
I would do Dawn, clay, auto wash soap, Dawn. Might be overkill.

Also I guess it would depend if those where freash coats of zaino as well. If you didnt do zaino in a long time perhaps a Dawn wash is all that is needed since the zaino application faded away.

Anyone else care to suggest anything?

Wed, Feb-25-2004, 01:49:23 AM
I believe it was around October when I did the Zaino, certainly before December, but after the USGP.

I am sure 2 times with Dawn won't hurt, just will take a little longer, but worth the effort since I want to get rid of the zaino.

I did dawn / car wash before the zaino to strip the wax off the last time (which I waxed the car and noticed afterwards I missed a spot on my hood that didn't get too clean but the dawn / carwash took care of that).

Wed, Feb-25-2004, 01:51:08 AM
Is Dawn really safe to use on our cars? I talked to a veteran detailer who said it drys out the paint and makes it dull. Maybe it can strip off wax well but it just doesn't make sense to use something that cleans dishes on a car.

Wed, Feb-25-2004, 01:56:30 AM
griots makes something called paint prep. It is made to remove wax and sealents off of clear coat paint. Dawn is meant for dishes, paint prep is made for cars. Make your own decisions.

Wed, Feb-25-2004, 02:07:31 AM
I remember reading somewhere that Dawn will not remove Zaino? Not sure what will though...

Wed, Feb-25-2004, 02:27:45 AM
Not sure about Dawn not being able to strip off Zaino. I will check their site and maybe give Sal a call.

As far as using Dawn to strip the wax, I read on quite a few detailing sites and even spoke with Sal Zaino that said it was fine to use, but it will strip off the wax, meaning if you don't use wax afterwards you have unprotected paint, but as far as it not being good or damaging the paint, there seems to be many opinions on that but it seems recommended.

Wed, Feb-25-2004, 02:29:16 AM
Zymol doesn't make the greatest wax for an M3 but they make some dam* good wax remover

go figure


Wed, Feb-25-2004, 02:58:00 AM
Zaino is not a normal wax. It is synthetic polymer so wax removers will not help. The 3M SMR is an abrasive and should remove the zaino. I hope you are going to use a random orbital polisher with the SMR because otherwise it will take you a week and your arms are going to get real tired.

Wed, Feb-25-2004, 03:01:15 AM
I think Maguires makes a wax remover. Actually I know they do.:thumbsup:

Wed, Feb-25-2004, 03:08:57 AM
Any cleaner that you use prior to any sealant will remove all of the zaino. Any good polish like Menzerna Final Polish will do the same. Dawn is good for removing waxes so any prep that you do with washing, claying and polish will remove the old sealant whether it is Zaino or Klasses Sealant Glaze.

Wed, Feb-25-2004, 05:00:24 AM
I just sent an email to Sal (Zaino) to get his recommendations. I think the Dawn should work and that is what he recommends to prep the paint prior to applying Zaino. Hopefully I will get a response tomorrow and will let everyone know.

Wed, Feb-25-2004, 05:08:39 AM
The reason Sal suggests using Dawn as a prep is to remove any wax that may be on the car since Zaino does not bond to the clearcoat if it is contaminated with organic materials such as wax.

Wed, Feb-25-2004, 04:45:19 PM
Alex is correct... I spoke with Sal who indicated Dawn will do nothing to strip the zaino. In fact he said any effort to try to strip the zaino would be a wasted effort. Apllying the 3M SMR, being an abrasive, will do the stripping for you.

Of course you still need to wash to car to clean any dirt / dust before apllying the SMR but nothing specical needed.

Thanks all!