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View Full Version : A Sliding Scale Sale From Detailer's Domain (3 days)

Sat, Dec-13-2008, 03:54:24 PM
This is simple guys so don't make it harder than it is :thumb:

Here are the details:

Sale starts now
Sale ends at midnight on 12/15/08

10% off on orders $49.00 or less
(use CAR10 at checkout)

15% off on orders over $99.00
(use CAR15 at checkout)

20% off on orders over $149.00
(use CAR20 at checkout)

25% off on orders over $249.00
(use CAR25 at checkout)

Start ordering now: www.detailersdomain.com

Items not included in this sale Flex, Paint Meters, Porter Cable

No other promos can be combined.