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View Full Version : zymol wax - anyone use

Tue, Feb-10-2004, 05:15:41 PM
guys i have purchased a 02 m3. i have always used zymol cleaner wax for my previous cars. it comes in a clear bottle and is blue. all natural ingredients. it removes imperfections and seems to apply a nice coat of wax too. very easy to apply, remove. can do the whole car in about 1.5 hrs. is anyone familiar with this product? i don't want to use if damages paint or doesn't apply enough protection from the elements.

my roommate has zymol, used on his z. but it is a major pain in ass. not sure if it is worth it. i think he spent 8 hrs doing his car.

i am basicaly looking for a good wax that is easy to use. plus the cleaner wax seems to remove imperfections....

all input welcome.

Tue, Feb-10-2004, 05:27:13 PM
regular zymol is great, but it's online purchase only...no residue...very easy to apply and remove - it melts in your hand and you can apply it with your bare hands.... checkout www.zymol.com

a cleaner wax is ok, but they need to be seperate, especially if you are really into detailing your car a really nice car like the M3...

Tue, Feb-10-2004, 07:28:10 PM
I love zymol, probably give me my favorite finish of all the waxes, eevn the store bought stuff.

My friends father has a Henna Red e30 M3 and swears by it, he uses it for all the shows he brings it to.

Tue, Feb-10-2004, 07:28:25 PM
I use autoglym. easiest and quickest to use. I can do my entire car within the hour (excl. rims). Easy to apply and very easy to rub off. Leaves no streaks. Lasts for about 3 months.


Tue, Feb-10-2004, 07:33:49 PM
Regular Zymol you buy at the store is made by turtle wax. Just look on the back. The good stuff is online. IMHO, Cleaner waxes are like trying to brake and accelerate at once. How can a product clean and give protection at the same time? If you want a good simple wax then get some S-100 from your local Harley dealer.

Tue, Feb-10-2004, 07:42:02 PM
is the s-100 easy to use? what is the cost?

what can be used to remove blemishes first? or will the wax do that?

Tue, Feb-10-2004, 08:01:00 PM
yeah, zymol have waxes over $1000 dollars..chkout the sampler kit..it has all the waxes for under $200....I have some in the frig...awaiting to apply it soon...

Tue, Feb-10-2004, 08:06:23 PM
i don't think it says turtle wax on it. i will check

Tue, Feb-10-2004, 08:34:29 PM
How about Zaino?

You ever here of that stuff? My Monte got a full work up last summer and it easily catches the eyes of all the honeys! I don't want to hear nothing about a trailer park community either all you condescending yuppies. A buddy of mine has it on his M3 but it doesn't shine up like on my Monte. The Monte has lead Paint, left over from decades ago.....Pickens painted it for me. You have to see what lead paint looks like. F the environment, it will heal, but your eyes will never after looking at my Monte Carlo in full sunlight!

Tue, Feb-10-2004, 09:17:50 PM
Originally posted by 333hp
is the s-100 easy to use? what is the cost?

what can be used to remove blemishes first? or will the wax do that?

It costs about $20-$25. It is a pure carnauba wax. preping the surface depends on what you start with. At a minimum a good wash and claybar is needed. You can also try P21S paintwork conditioner instead of the clay. Look up www.autogeek.net or www.properautocare.com.

Brad Martin
Tue, Feb-10-2004, 09:42:00 PM
I use Zymol, gave it to the bloke who waxes my car, he said it was good but a lot of work. Can't get Zaino here in the UK.