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Wed, Sep-03-2008, 03:05:40 PM
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ECS E46 Stainless Steel Brake Line

ECS Stainless steel brake lines offer improved pedal modulation and stiffer pedal feel over the stock lines. While stock brake lines are fabricated from a reinforced rubber they can still increase in diameter when pedal pressure is applied. The result is a spongier pedal feel as some of the master cylinder pressure is wasted "inflating" the soft lines.

Braided stainless steel Teflon cored lines offer superior resistance to deformation under high pressure compared to rubber. All stainless lines are manufactured exclusively for ECS Tuning to exact specifications. Finished lines are then covered with a water/dirt resistant vinyl coating greatly increasing safety and lifespan of the line. The ECS Stainless Steel brake line kits are DOT approved and a direct fit for your E46 M3.

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