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View Full Version : Southeast Meet and Greet '04 - v3.0

Mon, Jan-19-2004, 04:46:13 AM
South East Meet and Greet seems to have peaked some interest around the southeast on the e36 M3 section, and I think it would be a great way to get a huge group of M3 guys, among several other types of euro cars, together for a exciting day at the BMW plant in South Carolina.

The past 2 years i've attended, and the one last year where I helped organize this, I've had a great time meeting great people and seeing some spectacular cars. This meet tends to be the largest meet in the southeast, and over the past couple of years the list of cars has grown appreciably (from 30-40 cars to 50-60 cars) making highway footage simply outstanding, and making the drive through the mountains toward Chimney Rock that much more exciting.

SEMAG has usually been centered towards DTMPower / e30sport.net(no longer around) / Bf.c members, but after seeing how many people there are around the southeasts on m3forum i'm sure I could find some interest on here.

Anyway, here's how it would go...


People that would be spending the night Friday night would be able to meet up, and possibly do a plant tour(as the BMW plant is only open on weekdays).

This would give people a chance to get the cars detailed, and get to know some people before the 'big day'.

This would be the 'Big Day', we would start the day off in front of the BMW Zentrum, where we park all of the cars together(truly a sight to see) and possibly have a small little car show/concours with some prizes.

Give everyone some time meet everyone and check out everyones new toys, etc.

From there we would start our way towards Chimney Rock, hopping on the hwy to get some outstanding highway footage(for people filming and taking pictures, etc.)

Then as we reached the mountain roads we would jump into packs(to eliminate bunching up aka the 'accordian effect') Where we would take a brisk drive through some great twisties and enjoy the scenic views that S.C. has to offer at the same time.

We would close this day with dinner at the Cajun Pig, this is a AWESOME BBQ resteraunt that we've attended every year of SEMAG, and is a perfect closing to a wonderful day.

From there, the people not staying a night will make there ways back home in caravans and people that are staying the night will do the same.

For people staying Sunday, this will give you some time to do whatever you want to do in/around South Carolina before you head back home.


Soooo....give me some input here, i'm up for any changes if anybody thinks there should be, just post what you think and if you're up for something like this, post it...and I'll add you to the list

I'll try to get some pictures up from the past years of this get together so you guys can get a better picture of the what actually goes on.

Also, try to throw out some dates of when you think this should go down, generally it's been around April, but i'd have no problem altering the date.