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View Full Version : MILLARACING: Main Line Car show June 1

Wed, May-28-2008, 09:21:20 PM
MILLARACING would like to invite you all to the Main line car show on sunday june 1st

Please come and visit us at our table at talk cars

This is open to all makes and models.
If you would like to cross link this post on other forums please do so

We hope to see a great turnout of some very nice cars

Visit this link for more information on the event (http://millaracing.com/events.php?eventsId=160&)

Fri, May-30-2008, 06:17:35 PM
this is not a millaracing event

this is a local event that we are attending and we wanted to help spread the news and make it a great event

weather for sunday looks great:

High: 79 °F RealFeelŪ: 78 °F
Partly sunny and less humid