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Sun, May-18-2008, 11:34:44 PM
Hi Everyone,

Vorsteiner has recently announced the release of a line of products for the new E92 M3. The lineup currently available includes the following:

Vorsteiner Aero Carbon Fiber Front Spoiler for E92 M3
Available here (http://store.bimmerperformancestore.com/Vorsteiner-Aero-Carbon-Fiber-Front-Spoiler-for-E92-M3.aspx), this is a great way to set your M3 apart from the rest.

Vorsteiner Aero Bootlid for BMW E92 M3
Available here (http://store.bimmerperformancestore.com/Vorsteiner-Aero-Bootlid-for-E92-M3.aspx). This bootlid is available in DVWP, or for a little more, you can get the single-sided or top-of-the-line double-sided version, which gives you the option of getting creative with your paint scheme.

Vorsteiner Aero Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser for E92 M3
Just like the diffuser for the E46 M3 (for which Vorsteiner calls me the diffuser King LOL), this new diffuser for the E92 M3 is available if both DVWP/CF or full carbon fiber. This diffuser with the new Vorsteiner TI exhaust is just an AWESOME combination.

Vorsteiner Titanium Exhaust System for E92 M3
This thing sounds AWESOME. Go to the product page here (http://store.bimmerperformancestore.com/Vorsteiner-Titanium-Exhaust-System-for-E92-M3.aspx), and SEE AND HEAR this new exhaust in the Vorsteiner video.

Vorsteiner E92 M3 Coupe Carbon Fiber Interior Trim Kit
We can't forget about the interior, and neither did Vorsteiner. The new Vorsteiner interior trim kit is a carbon fiber skin hand assembled to the factory hardware, so you are assured of perfect fitment. Read more and see large pics of this product here (http://store.bimmerperformancestore.com/Vorsteiner-E92-M3-Coupe-Carbon-Fiber-Interior-Trim-Kit.aspx).

Bimmer Performance Store has been there since the beginning with Vorsteiner and we're one of their top retailers. We pre-order and/or stock many Vorsteiner items to reduce or eliminate your wait. Send us an email, live chat of call us at 805.482.1234 if you have questions or prefer to order with a live person.


Sun, Jun-01-2008, 08:24:30 PM
Official pricing coming soon for new products.