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View Full Version : Need advice on buying a'95 M3.

Wed, Nov-21-2001, 05:59:00 PM
An opportunity has presented itself to me to purchase (from a family member) a '95 M3. The car has been kept in superb condition through meticulous upkeeping, the asking price is around 19k (it has some Dinan upgrades), and all in all I'm excited about the idea of possibly owning an M series. My big quandry is mileage—it's at 100k.

For a cherry '95 M3, should I be concerned?

Sun, Dec-02-2001, 09:46:00 PM
100k mileage is very high, regardless of the history.

Sat, Dec-08-2001, 05:52:00 PM
100k is to many miles! check out some info at http://www.m3supercar.com > buyers guide cheers roger

Tue, Dec-18-2001, 07:46:00 PM
100k isn't really all that many miles on an M3. Especially if you have a complete service history on the vehicle. The days of 100k cars being ready for the trash heap are way behind us. A well maintained M3 motor will last 250k when properly maintained, especially if synthetic oils are used throughout its lifetime. $19k sounds like a fair price as well if the car is in truly excellent shape.

Mon, Dec-24-2001, 12:37:00 AM
I must agree, a BMW, and on top of the an M, is solid vehicle. If the services are performed regularly, and there seems to be major catostropies, then I think it is a very good deal. This car will go for anothe 100k, trust me I know. I have a 4 door, 1997 M3 with 117K miles!!! Still pulls, and still gets looks! The resale value is strong on these cars. good luck!


Mon, Dec-24-2001, 12:38:00 AM
excuse my writing... I mean NO major catostrophies!!