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View Full Version : CSL Wheels For Only $16 SHIPPING!!!!

Fri, Apr-11-2008, 08:27:05 PM
That's right, any style, any flavor. All for only $16 shipping. (http://www.umnitza.com/product_info.php?cPath=71&products_id=1102)

And, to the first person that creates a new thread with the purchase of these wheels (or if you have purchased in the past), you get a free $50 gift credit towards anything in the store.

Here you go:

Are these by Velocity?

Yes many of the wheels and wheel sizes are purchased from Velocity for drop shipping.

What about other wheels from Velocity?

We can offer you the same shipping setup

How about if I want them with Tires?

Pros: You get the wheels, you mount them on the car, you go for a drive.

Cons: You have no easy warranty if the tire is defective, you can't purchase lifetime balancing and rotation, you have to pay $30 more for shipping.

For the cons reasons, I recommend Tires.com because they have local America's Tire stores almost everywhere and will usually meet or beat any price + mounting and balancing.

What about other wheels in general?

We're going to be building up our wheels inventory for M3s soon, what we will be able to offer for that incredible shipping rate, we will.

What about if I want to buy multiple things?

The wheels are $16, depending on the items purchased, shipping may be only $5-10 more for those items - up to $50 for bumpers or headlights.

How soon can they ship?

We usually work off of inventory available to us. If there are delays, you are always notified immediately of it. The best we can offer you is real time inventory availability at the time of order.

How soon can I get them once they ship?

If a wheel is in stock, you are going to get them within 72 hours.
If they are out, they will arrive 72 hours from time of shipment.

What about CA residents?

Please contact us about your sales tax situation prior to ordering. But we do have an outside-CA store, and we can assist you there.

How can I purchase these?

There are 3 ways to purchase them. We recognize that many many of you will be calling moments after you see this. To make it easier for us to help you:

1) Please email us a request for order - we can send you a paypal receipt for your order

2) Purchase directly on the site:

3) Call In - while we do not discourage this for our customers, given the high demand for the wheels, it may be difficult for us to get to you as quickly as possible via calls:) But do feel free to do this.

Some examples:


also from Velocity's own gallery:


Fri, Apr-11-2008, 09:27:55 PM
Guys, there is a minor correction that has to be updated.

Due to strict MAP pricing requirements, we are unable to do the $16 shipping.

However, in order to try to save you the same money anyways, please contact us for a rebate program good up to 30 days after purchase where you will receive a rebate "check" if the form is filled out.

The rebate system is painless, troublefree, and requires only electronic paperwork to be filled out - you don't even have to mail it using the postal service.

Sorry for the confusion.