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View Full Version : Raleigh, NC area owners

Sat, Dec-13-2003, 07:11:45 AM
Wondering if there was a local M3 meet or cruise for the Raleigh/Durham area? Would love to hook up with other owners.

2002 Steel Gray/Black/Alum. M3 stock except for a K&N.

Sun, Jan-04-2004, 11:55:39 AM
I will be back from Germany in April. Headed to Fort Bragg. Loved ahving my US SPec M3 here on the Autobahn. Great stuff! Got it up to 176 MPH! Drop me a line at mouse69abn@aol.com in April and maybe we can create and east coast M3 group.


Wed, Jan-07-2004, 09:56:15 PM
I line in the Pinehurst area and will be picking up my M3 the 23rd of this month. We all should get together sometime.

Sun, Jan-25-2004, 11:01:06 PM

...eurospeed is in cary, NC...and they'll post events on that website from time to time.

Check out www.DTMPower.net 's Southeast Regional section, several Raleigh/BMW guys tend to flock there.

Tue, Feb-03-2004, 03:40:39 PM
whats up guys i'm looking to buy an E36 M3 here soon, as per my SN I'm a maxima guy for now....anyway there are alot of us from maxima.org here in raleigh, actually one with a 325...if any of you guys want to get up let me know, I'd love to check out your cars to see exactly what I want to get

Wed, Apr-19-2006, 08:28:42 AM
Hey all,
I'm new to the forum and I live in Goldsboro NC. I wanted to know if anything is going on in the area?? Let me know if anything is in the works of if you want to get something started.