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View Full Version : FS HRE 525 17x9 ET20 w/ Fuzion ZRI 215/40/17

Thu, Jan-10-2008, 04:51:45 AM
My M3 is now sold :shifty:, but the HRE sexyness still remains. They are HRE model 525 ET20 17x9.

The wheels have some small (< 1in) nicks and scratches on the lip, but nothing serious. Since these are older 3 piece wheels, it would not hurt to disassemble them and reseal them with new valve stems, at this time you may add wider barrels (from Kodiak) if you wish.

The tires are practically new Fuzion ZRI 215/40/17 (mild stretch to clear the fenders). They were properly mounted and balanced by Gogel Tire in East Hanover NJ. Wheel weights are on the inside, as they should be on a high-end wheel.

It must be noted that these wheels will mount right up to any E36 without problems unless you are slammed, even with a lowered suspension, a fender roll and flare would solve the problem. The rears rub on heavy cornering and bumps after being lowered 2 inches with my TCKline coilovers. That said, the rear tires have sidewall wear from rubbing on the fenders, it does not affect them at all, but I want to disclose everything to be fair.

I am asking $1700 SHIPPED, or $1550 PICKED UP AT MY HOUSE for the wheels and tires. I paid $1400 for the wheels and $400 + for the tires mounted and balanced. Thes eare 3 piece rare & discontinued HRE wheels, as long as you don't destroy them - they should hold their value over the years. If you want, feel free to make me an offer.

These wheels are available for viewing at my home in Little Ferry NJ.

PM me for my phone number if you want to speak over the phone.

dwilinsky@ (NOSPAM) gmail.com

here are teh pictarz!



email me for closeups!

Fri, Mar-23-2012, 03:30:25 PM
you stil have the HRE's?

redline wins
Sat, Mar-24-2012, 03:44:56 AM
I doubt it. LOL!

Sat, Mar-31-2012, 03:32:34 PM
you stil have the HRE's?

Instant ban...