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View Full Version : FS Feeler: S50 506 Jim Conforti Chip (HFM/24#injectors/LTW Flywheel)

Mon, Nov-19-2007, 09:34:53 PM
Hey guys, I am going to be selling my chip in a little over a month once I order cams. The chip is for a 506 DME (or a motor swapped car where the chassis didn't come with ews. I have this chip installed in my 7/94 325is in a 413 (pre-ews DME), with a 1/95 S50 engine installed (used the S50 wiring harness). The m3 had ews, but I guess since I didn't use the m3's DME, this chip worked.

It is tuned for a euro hfm, 24# injectors, intake/exhaust, and ltw fhywheel. My car produced 230rwhp and 207ftlbs torque with this chip (SAE corrected numbers), so it works well.

I would like to get $175 shipped to anywhere in the US for this chip. Again, I won't be removing this until I get my cams since I won't be able to move the car without it.