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View Full Version : s50 vs. s52

Tue, Oct-09-2007, 03:01:10 PM
I have 95' ///M3 with the stock s50 motor. I'm about to replace it and I'm wondering what the differences are between the s50 and s52. Which would you recommend? Also, would this be a fairly easy swap to do?

Tue, Oct-23-2007, 03:43:47 AM
If your going to swap it anyway, go euro :agree:
s50 vs s52 theres not that much difference besides the OBDI vs OBDII and intake manifolds, and i'm 99% sure its a pretty easy swap (i've only swaped a mustang and a couple honda motors tho so don't take my word for it).

If you can scrape up the extra $$ without a question get a eurospec motor tho, HUGE difference over anything US.

Tue, Oct-30-2007, 04:02:24 PM
s52 has more torque, but has the same hp. But you can swap your s50 manifold onto the new engine and make more power. Plus you would have an OBDI S52. I'd go with the S52. Plus your wouldn't have any of those 95 problems that we have to deal with.

Tue, Feb-26-2013, 11:54:13 AM
I would say go with the s52. Stronger head, and less chance of money shifting it..The extra displacement doesn't do much. You would have to convert the s52 to OBD1, which is not a big deal.

Thu, Feb-28-2013, 04:59:06 AM
I would say the extra trouble of doing the s52 and converting to obd1 isn't worth it since you don't really gain anything. Stay clean and plug a new engine in you won't have any problems.

Also, with the money you save from electrical labor you could do something special to the top end of that s50.