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View Full Version : New aFe Pro Dry Filters at Bimmer Performance Store

Wed, Jun-20-2007, 07:23:20 AM
Hi Everyone,

We are proud to the announce the release of the new aFe Pro Dry replacement cone filter for the aFe 54-10461 Stage 1 intake for the E46 M3. We have some of these in stock and are offering free shipping on the first 5 units sold. You can order a new aFe Stage 1 intake with the new Pro Dry filter. The new Pro Dry filters are available for most aFe intakes and many OEM configurations, as well.

I just replaced my original aFe cone filter with one of these on my own M3. The performance seems to be the same or better and it comforting to know that my engine is protected even better than before. This new dry filter can catch dirt and debris down to 1.5 microns, and the filter never needs oiling. You can find the new Pro Dry filter in our catalog here (http://store.bimmerperformancestore.com/Product486), and the E46 M3 Stage 1 intake here (http://store.bimmerperformancestore.com/Product1).

aFe Pro Dry Replacement Filter For BMW E46 M3 Stage 1 Intake features:

Oil-free 2-layer synthetic media
Increased air flow up to 50% for better performance
Improves fuel economy
99.4% efficient for excellent protection
wire mesh for structural integrity & quality
convenient quick & easy cleaning

advanced FLOW engineering offers you a better choice of oil-free filters: New Pro Dry S synthetic dry-media filters. Pro Dry S filters use a revolutionary two-ply synthetic material that is functionally superior to traditional paper media and single-ply synthetic, and easy to service. Pro Dry S dry-media filters increase airflow providing improved horsepower, torque, and fuel economy with 99.4%* filtration efficiency. Perhaps the greatest benefit of new Pro Dry S filters is the convenience of servicing these oil-free filters. To clean a Pro Dry S filter lightly tap it on the ground, vacuum it, or wash with soap and water. Solvents and oiling are not necessary. Pro Dry S dry-media filters by aFe are now available on all of our popular air intake systems for gas and diesel trucks, SUVs, and cars. Replacement Pro Dry S filters for all air intake systems are also available and sold individually.


Outer screen provides strength and prevents damage to filter media.
Thick layer slows air velocity so dust particles fall out of suspension and become trapped in fabric fibers.
High efficiency thin layer traps remaining dust particles without slowing airflow.
Inner screen provides support and quality without the need for additional internal structures.

Fri, Jul-06-2007, 06:04:18 AM
Hi Guys,

All CAI replacement filters are available and setup to purchase in our product catalog. Just click on the link to the Pro Dry replacement filter above and select the model of your aFe intake.