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View Full Version : For sale in Alberta

Fri, Mar-23-2007, 10:58:13 PM
I got transferred to Scotland and I guess I have to sell my car. I really hate to part with it...at least if I sell it to someone from this board there's a chance the new owner will love it as much as I do. Here are the details:

-2002 Titanium Silver M3 Coupe with black leather interior and factory tinting on rear windows.
-I bought it as a certified used from Bavaria BMW in Edmonton with 34000km in December 2005. The extended warrenty is still good until Jan 18, 2008.
-Completely stock except for UUC EVO 3 short shift kit with DSSR and an SE Panel filter. I kept the stock shifter if for some strange reason you want it.
-The summer rims/tires are factory 18s with completely worn out continentals and the winter rims are aluminum 17s that look surprisingly similar to the 18s with Nokians that are still in great shape.

P.M. me if you're interested

Edit: The car has sold.