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View Full Version : FS: 325hp 1991 BMW DINAN TURBOCHARGED E30 M3

Thu, Mar-08-2007, 08:53:29 PM

This is only 1 of 6 Dinan Turbocharged kits ever sold. 3 of the kits were rumored to be sold as parts only, and the other 3 were rumored to be installed by Dinan themselves. This car was sent to Dinan to be built by Dinan shortly after being bought new from AutoMaster in Vermont.

If you want more power but don’t want to butcher the wonderful E30 M3 chassis with an engine swap? Or don’t want to spend $10,000’s in search of marginal hp? Or don’t want to piece together a turbo kit that will seemingly need a tune every other day?

Have your cake and eat it too!

Turbo Kit Specs:
320hp (claimed by Dinan)
Lower compression pistons (JE )
Forged rods (Carrillo )
Intercooled Garret turbo
Boost is fixed at 12psi

Orig owner
DiamondS/black interior
56k miles
Exceptional condition, no rust, no leaks

Special sound system with special door panels to accommodate the extra speakers (NOT CHEESY! – take a look at pics)
Hartge OZ racing 17” wheels
Hartge strut bar
Hartge exhaust system]
Dinan suspension

To be perfect, car needs an engine detail (including new powdercoat on the valve cover – peeling due to heat), new front shocks (ride a little rough), a few touch up paint here and there. The wheels could stand to be refinished as well, but look ok from 5-10 ft. Otherwise, the car is mint and runs strong.

The car is being offered at $25,000 OBO in US dollars. This is a fair price considering the model year (last year of production and very few imported into US), the rarity of the Dinan kit, the mileage and condition of the car.

The car is located in Antigua. That’s right, the little island in the Caribbean.

Bought the car new in VT, shipped it to CA to Dinan, then back to Canada where I lived. Moved to Antigua, where the car resides.

Is it a USA car? 100% - It has a USA compliance badge in the driver’s doorsill, Automaster in VT (original dealer) has signed a letter stating it is, and BMW NA can certif that the car is USA spec and USA compliant.

What is needed to bring it to USA?/How much will it cost? Overall, the process is not bad – you just need to be organized.
* Flights to Antigua for inspection are inexpensive and frequent from USA. Approx. $500 - $750
* I will pay for accomodations at a five star resort in Antigua for up to 2 days for inspection. (Am in the hotel landscaping business, so have great contacts)
* Approximate shipping (+ insurance) to the port of Miami from Antigua = $2000 ( can help you organize and ship/ shipping takes 10 days and the boat leaves every Wednesday from Antigua)
* You then need a customs broker in Miami (I recommend JP Reynolds – jpreynolds.com) = $250 (they do the paperwork for you)
* Importation bond, EPA fee, import tax (2.5%) = $600

What else?
Title – Since the car is USA spec, but never registered in the USA, you’ll have to take the signed bill of sale, and Antigua title and exchange it for a new title in your state of residence. Check with your state for specifics
Registration – If you live in a state with no sniff test, better. If you do – you’ll have to swap the exhaust on the car. The car has a Hartge exhaust with no cats – so to pass emissions you’ll have to swap an exhaust on there.
Insurance – same as a regular car, get the car appraised and start paying monthly
If you are seriously interested in this car, please contact Ken Gomes at bushdancer@Safe-mail.net . It is an expensive call, so for preliminary queries of interest, email is best. Please state that you saw the ad on M3 forum.com.
More pics, info., and tel. contact available.
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