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View Full Version : WTT: 2001 Mercedes-Benz CL600 - Also WTB specs

Thu, Mar-01-2007, 09:34:05 PM
1st off in case anyone is interested in a trade.

The car is a black on black CL 600 - just hit 50k miles and just had service B done. The car mechanically is sound. The cars appearance is in near perfect shape. For an 01 its quite phenominal. V12 engine is amazing, the Rev band is so different then any other car.

The car doesn't have a salvage title but was a buyback from Benz from its 1st owner (I am the 3rd) I have had the car for over 6 months, and have not spent $1 on repairs. The previous owner did not spend anything on repairs.

The car just received BRAND NEW factory Pads/Rotors on the front, backs have 80+%. The front pads/rotors are over $475.

The tires have 85% tread conservatively.

The car has every available option from mercedes:

Heated Seats
Air conditioned Seats
Massaging Seats
Suede Roof
DTR (Distronic) BEST FEATURE The car brakes for you. Set the speed the car will slow down and speed up again all on its own. I will miss this feature more than you know. I never use the brake anymore, the car simply does it itself. It has a screen below the speedo that tells you how many feet the car is in front of you also.
Reverse parking sensor
The car also has the Brabus wheel package that came from Mercedes. Slotted rotors/ High polished wheels. To give you an idea this package alone is $4500

It also has the upgraded 03 LED tails.

Reason for trade: Simple I am an enthusiast. I don't keep cars longer then 6-9 months. There would be other things then an M3 I would trade for. I have already owned 2 Forced Induction C5 corvettes. Along with audis, 350zs, and numerous other cars.

I am not looking to pay any money really on a trade, so if you offer a trade be ballpark with my cars price.

Prefered color would be Leguna Seca, but will entertain all offers.
Also, under 50k miles.

The title doesn't show salvage but says buy back from Dealer.

Let me reiterate this.. a car that costs $135,000 new is owned by a person that would expect the car to run flawlessly. Before I bought the car I called MBUSA and asked the VIN to be run and see what they can tell me. Although they can't get too specific the gentleman on the phone said that because the price of the car, and the status of the owner that the car could be taken back for basically anything considering the price and would not want to lose business from the owner. I quote this and this is what sold me " From what I see here, there is nothing that would stop me from buying the vehicle" From the 2nd owner to me, I have not spent 1 $ on repairs. EVerything runs perfect on the car.

The interior is a 9/10
Exterior 8.75/10

Let me know if anyone is just interested in a straight up sale. I might, MIGHT think about it. It would be hard being without a vehicle right away.

Car is located in NJ. Never driven in snow, have a Lincoln Aviator for that. I am a freak with my car care and process into buying. I assure you this vehicle is a great 1.

mikesed02@hotmail.com is my email if interested to email.


Those are the 00-02 tails. I will get pics up if there is interest but the car is in real good shape for an 01. Those are the wheels I am talking about. Car looks like this with 03 tails.

Wed, Mar-07-2007, 04:42:47 PM
Some pics I found I forgot I had:




Wed, Mar-07-2007, 07:56:23 PM
think its sold. Will know this evening for sure.