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Fri, Sep-05-2003, 10:27:12 PM
Hello everyone....

I'm a new member on the board and first off just wanted to say hey to everyone.. I was starting a thread to see if their was any interest/need for anyone to have their car detailed.

I work for a company called road scholars inc. in Raleigh, NC. I have been trained by the two owners of the shop. Road Scholars is a company that deals with exotic cars, mainly porsches, but essentially anything thats above your everyday car.. I routinely detail porsche 911 Twin Turbos, Targas, essentially every porsche you can think of. I am very experienced in dealing with high end motor vehicles and use the most up to the date products.

the company I work for can be found here www.road-scholars.net

Exterior Detail Includes:

Hand Wash
Hand Dry w/ 100% Cotton Cloth
Hand Glaze- 3M
Einzett Glanz Wax

All are hand applied with a 100% Terry Cloth Towell

Interior Detail Includes:

Leather Conditioner
Vinyl Conditioner

Also, when having your car detailed, you get a loaner car, my s2000 to drive while your car is being done. Based on the size of your car, most BMW's per say will take around 3 hours. I do pick up and delivery free of charge if requested. I have detailed cars for a couple of members of dtmpower.net so I can provide references. Also, I am an established member of the www.s2ki.com board if their are any questions about me.

Other than that if you are interested just PM me or send me an email rscardetail@yahoo.com

For a general estimate....A normal sized car say an M3 would run about $75.

Thanks for reading