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View Full Version : Socaleuro OC B&N Meet :: 9-20

Thu, Sep-07-2006, 09:38:03 PM
Socaleuro OC B&N Meet :: 9-20


Mark your calendars now ya jerks! see ya then! ***** this out to other euros. Come hang out, grub at pat & oscars/ arriba! Lets get this back to what it used to be. We park on the side of the building between David's bridal and B&N. Every week it keeps getting bigger and bigger, so come out!

On a side note: This isnt a place to show off. Its to meet and have a good time, not speeding, not to show your 1.8t with a bypass, or peeling out. Lets keep it clean. I am not calling out anyone inparticular, just thought I would say what is needed to be said.

Thu, Sep-21-2006, 12:32:56 AM

Mon, Sep-25-2006, 03:49:56 AM
i was gonna go..
but changed my mind

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