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View Full Version : Huge Part out!!! LOCAL ONLY!!!

Mon, Jun-19-2006, 01:43:43 AM
Local pick up only for ALL items!!! I will not ship anything right now. (FEELER!)

1. 19" DPE R07. Custom Titanium Asphalt w/ polished lip. Clear any BBK. 15" or 14". Wrapped in S03 tires. Front have plenty of tread, rear have maybe 5k miles left on them. 19x8.5 and 19x10. Good condition. No curb rash, but rather markings from having tires swapped out, and scratches from driving. On a rear wheel there is a 'nick on the lip from dropping a lug nut onto the lip. Front right wheel has a small bend on the inside. Quoted ~65 to fix. No loss of air in tire. These wheels alone (no tires) retail for over $4k. I am looking for a trade for OEM 19" wheels with tires and an additional $1,500.

I will also take $3,500 for the wheels and tires.

2. StopTech BBK Kit. 15" (380mm) front. 14" (355mm) rear. Rotors are drilled. About 8,000 miles on the rotors and 2,800 miles on the pads. Front calipers are the upgraded ST-42 calipers. 4 pot, 4 wheel. Rear caliper's "Stoptech" stickers are peeling off.

These retail for near about $6,500 (Front alone are in the $4,500 area.)

I would like to get $2,800 + your OEM brakes (good condition) + buyer pays for swap.

(Pictures taken right after a wash, hence the "swirls" going around the rotors.)

3. Vorsteiner Double-sided CF GTR Racing Hood. New condition. No rock chips. Corners near mirrors have been scraped due to lack of care during shipment. Also, it should be painted as it is not FULLY clear coated and has a few imperfections. Retails for $1,500-1,800.
I would like $1,100. (CF Front Grill not included)


Mon, Jun-19-2006, 01:44:17 AM
4. Vorsteiner Double-sided CF CSL Trunk. New condition. One scratch which occured when installed my license plate frame. This is behind the license plate and can't be seen once the license plate is installed. Great fitament. No need for paint or clear coat. Trunk ready for installation (Included: License plate lights, but not wires to power them. Not included: BMW CF Emblem). Retails for ~$1,300.
I would like to get $1,050.


5. Vorsteiner CF CSL Diffuser. New condition, perfect fitament. Retails for ~$600.
I would like $450.


6. CF Side M3 gills. Retail is ~$300. $200 takes them.


7. OEM Front Bumper with AC Schnitzer (rep) CF Add-on. I have no idea what these things go for anymore. I want to just even trade for an OEM Jet Black bumper. Few rock chips on bumper(two seen in picture below), and non-visible scraps underneath.


Custom Performance
Mon, Jun-19-2006, 09:49:52 AM
Interested in the hood, truck lid and front bumber...PM sent :thumbsup:


Tue, Jun-20-2006, 02:29:29 AM

Tue, Jun-20-2006, 03:03:32 AM
How much for the girl?

Tue, Jun-20-2006, 03:18:03 AM
i got oem 19's but they with some curb rashes...

Tue, Jun-20-2006, 03:20:44 AM
did i see you on broken land parkway today?? monday around 7pm

Tue, Jun-20-2006, 04:33:15 AM
Nope. I stayed in Leesburg/Sterling area today. Do you have pics?

Tue, Jun-20-2006, 04:33:56 AM
How much for the girl?
For Samii... Hmmm, how about 1500 a month... :P

Naaa. 2k a month.

Tue, Jun-20-2006, 06:18:40 AM
For Samii... Hmmm, how about 1500 a month... :P

Naaa. 2k a month.

dibs.. besides the basics duties, can she cook and clean too? or does that cost extra? :peace: great looking car, good luck on your sales :wave:

Tue, Jun-20-2006, 06:33:56 AM
How about for an hour?


what you talking about man.. $2k a month is a steal :rofl2: that's like $2.77 an hour. at that price.. i'd just get the entire month.

Tue, Jun-20-2006, 04:45:01 PM
dibs.. besides the basics duties, can she cook and clean too? or does that cost extra? :peace: great looking car, good luck on your sales :wave:
HAHA, Fern. Thanks for the laughs and bumps to the thread. Your car is my idol for the CSL stuff. Ha. Hopefully some of the things I have in store can catch up to you!

I'll have to talk to Samii and see if I can lend her out. HAHAHA. Not going to happen of course, since she isn't mine to lend. :P

Thu, Jun-22-2006, 05:09:34 PM
:bullhorn: i want the GTR hood, Curtis!

Wed, Jul-12-2006, 05:17:22 AM
Then buy it!!!! Help me get it off and put the OEM back on!
:bump: Locally still for sale:

CF GTR HOOD! - 1,100
CF CSL TRUNK! - 1,050

And added to the list.....

For sale is a set of 19" SSR GT3 (M3 fitament.)

Front 19x8.5 with 245/35 Michelin Pilot Sport 85-90%+ tread left.
Rear 19x10 with 275/30 Michelin Pilot Sport 85-90%+ tread left.

Only pictures I have of them right now on my car...

$3,100 or best offer. PM ME!


Wed, Jul-12-2006, 01:59:48 PM
I want that trunk. And maybe the wheels, willing to trade for LM's for the wheels/trunk?

Wed, Jul-12-2006, 09:38:04 PM
willing to reduce the hood slightly? i'll pay cash

Thu, Jul-13-2006, 03:56:26 AM
I want that trunk. And maybe the wheels, willing to trade for LM's for the wheels/trunk?
PMs responded.

willing to reduce the hood slightly? i'll pay cash
I have a pending sale currently. Shoot me an offer to fall back on if the current deal doesn't work out.