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Tue, May-02-2006, 02:03:24 PM
Sup fellas, i posted this once before but i seems to have disappeared (so sorry if i double post for some reason). But im a new member from central VA. My name is John and i drive a '97 M3. I got it about 4 weeks ago from a local stealer. I do alot of autocross with the SCCA (i drove a VW Corrado in the past) and i hope to continue autocrossing w/ my M3. The BMWCCA chapter in my area doesnt seem to do any autocrosses so i may have to head up to the D.C. chapter.I definetly want to hit up some meets and get involved with the BMW scene. So i look foreward to meeting everyone, maybe if anyones interested we could all go to an autox or something.