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View Full Version : Car Show May 13

Wed, Apr-19-2006, 10:13:18 PM
There will be a car show at the Conestoga High School parking lot on May 13. It will take place at 12 pm. and the judging will be at around 3:00 pm. However, we can stay for as long as we want and will probably go out for a cruise after the show.
We are hoping for a large turnout as this will be posted on many forums and a local mod company is trying to bring some hot cars to the show (POSSIBLY carrera GT, ferrari's, porsches, maybe lambo, lotus). As for other cars that show up, many local tuners (very little/no ****) with many honda WRXs, Honda S2000s, Nissan 350zs, Mitsu Evos. I would REALLY love to have some bimmer support. Ide like to see some of the awsome e30s like andrew ball"s and carreraboy's aswell.

If anyone is familiar with the "Tristatetuners" organization, many of them will surely be there as well.

There will only be a 5-10 dollar fee if you want your car to be eligbible for the "best in show" and this will be chosen by popular vote. So the more cars that show up...the bigger the prize...

So if you can, PLEASE come on out and help support our school and our unfortunately small automotive club.

I hope to see you there!!!

Constoga is about 30 minutes from philidelphia ,18 minutes from West Chester...you get the idea...

LOCATION 200 Irish Rd. Berwyn PA, 19312 (right along Rt. 202...use mapquest to find out details)
TIME 12pm...vote best car 3pm...drive afterwards

Sun, May-07-2006, 09:28:55 PM