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Tue, Apr-11-2006, 09:48:00 PM
hi there, folks,

i currently live in durham, NC and VA is one of the states i may be moving to in 2 or 3 years.

i just got my M3 and want to tint her. i had a B5 S4 before that i put 20% tint on. NC is not really stringent on their tint laws but, at first, i obviously had some problems with inspection. after a couple of tries, i found a place that would pass me.

so, my question is how stringent is VA about tinting?

i have heard VA can be particularly picky, harsh, or whatever you want to call it.

cops around here really don't care about how dark your car is unless you are doing something stupid or "suspicious."

and if your car is tinted below (darker than) the legal limit, what is the %?


take care.

Thu, Apr-13-2006, 05:07:48 AM
You are right. Virginia is pretty strict on tint laws. The last time I
checked the legal limits are as followed:
-front: 50%
-rear: 35%
-back: 35%
I have both my cars tinted 35% all around so they are technically not legal. However, cops have not pulled me over because of it in the past 3 years. I think as long as its doesn't stand out too much, then you should be okay. As far as NC is concerned, I think the limit is 35%. You would probably be okay squeezing 20% on all windows. Hope it helps.

Thu, Apr-13-2006, 02:15:44 PM
Yeah. VA sucks for most laws. I think I need to get residency in Fla and register all of my autos down there.

Thu, Apr-13-2006, 05:10:55 PM
Ive had 3 tickets in two years for 35% all around. Watch teh state poopers, they like to pull out their tint checker toys and bust balls.

Thu, Apr-13-2006, 05:37:50 PM
We have 35% all around on every car we've ever owned, and have never had a ticket *knock on wood*. My wife has it on her X5, we had it on our r!cers, and now I'm going to go with the same tint on my M.

Dinan M
Tue, May-02-2006, 08:24:18 PM
Looks like I will be a sitting duck....lol

Wed, May-03-2006, 12:52:11 AM
20% done today..


Dinan M
Wed, May-03-2006, 04:11:07 AM
looks great Budman....very nice

Wed, May-03-2006, 05:13:07 AM
Looks like I will be a sitting duck....lol

what film and % tint?


Wed, May-03-2006, 05:15:06 AM
looks great Budman....very nice

huge 2nd!!!

Tue, May-16-2006, 01:27:37 AM
I've got 25% all around (minus windshield) and I've been ok for 2 years now, knock on wood.

Dinan M
Tue, May-16-2006, 03:03:00 AM
I am not sure what the % is on it...It was just purchased from Arizona...
Hope I don't get the official % from Johnny Law....


Tue, May-16-2006, 07:18:34 PM
Johnny Law measured mine at 11%