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m3 driven
Mon, Apr-10-2006, 01:30:47 AM
Ok like the title says, we are having a meet started by Branko and I for when he comes through PA we want to meet up with as many people as possible. All cars are welcome, and respected as long as theres respect back. The meet will consist of a photo-shoot, A spirited drive as well as eating (bring some money maybe drive to hooters) me and others shooting video for the DVD most if not all cars will be included so bring it out. For the thread started on bimmerforums go here. And post if your in I will add you to the list, there will most likely be food and drinks.

Location is King of Prussia PA (Dont ***** location lol we have people driving from VA and NY) The movie theater right next to the mall. Most lickley at 11- 12 on the 15th go to bimmerforums to vote on a time thats best for you tho.

thanks heres the thread to vote and see who else is coming.

here is a small list post here or other thread to be added. (keep in mind we just put this up today april 3rd)
Update >
1. Branko - Alpine M3
2. Bsaint - Alpine M3:
3. Fast Alpine - Alpine M3
4. JClark - Alpine M3
5. Fastrthnu - Alpine Turbo M3 (maybe)
6. Luke - Avus M3
7. Saab Guy - Silver 9-3 turbo
8. Kavkazia - M3 S54 Frankenstein
9. roberttran - Silver 328
10. Brett - Red 6.0 GTO
12. Mike - Avus M3
13. Josh - Cosmos M3
14. Lilpa06 - Luke Artic M3 (FTL)
15. Max - E30 M3,
16. Preppy - Silver E36
17. M3Driven -
18. ImFstrThnUVR6 - VW Vr6 + Friends
19. smocan - Hellrot 325is
20. Dave F - E36 REAL LTW M3 (maybe)
21. carreraboy - E30 M3 (Sick)
22. binh - Dakar M3 - + Friends
23. VandBMdubbin - E36 325is
24. Resist M3 - Artic AA SC M3
25. Imola e36 - adam west, imola m3 + friends
26. HawkXcor - 97 ///M3ti (ti with s50 swap)
Here are two trailers for the DVD as well enjoy.
Trailer #1 more about shot compisition and editing

Trailer #2 more about action and the fun that goes on
http://www.imagestation.com/video/p...l?id=4020614099 (Download)

Mon, Apr-10-2006, 04:17:57 PM
thanks alan... :) should be a good turn out as well as some other cars... so hope to see some people on this forum there...