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View Full Version : Hello! new Pittsburgh guy here!

Fri, Mar-31-2006, 03:06:01 PM
Sorry if this is one of those annoying first posts by the new guy. I'm active on S2ki.com which is for Honda S2000's. I think my next sportscar will be an E46 M3. I had an E30 M3 when I was 16 that I totalled...cool car...I'm ready for the new version. I'll be observing on this forum and soaking it in. thanks guys/girls!! I'm in Pittsburgh and would love to check out any future local meets.

Fri, Mar-31-2006, 03:59:41 PM
hey S2k

welcome to m3forum!

We try to organize dinners from time to time, although it's been a while.

I, along with a few others, are going up to BeaveRun tomorrow, so if you want to come up and meet us, that'd be cool!! weather'll be ok in the morning, and decent in the afternoon.. so come then!!

Fri, Mar-31-2006, 10:12:01 PM
may come in the afternoon

Sat, Apr-01-2006, 03:16:25 PM
unfortunately, I'm an accountant and there are 17 days of tax season left...need i say more...

thanks for the invite...beaverun's a fun track though....ahhh...memories of summer!

talk to you later

Mon, Apr-03-2006, 09:09:11 PM

ps - i'm an accountant too

Mon, Apr-03-2006, 11:04:06 PM
Buy an E46 and get yourself out of the girly S2000 :).

Tue, Apr-04-2006, 02:59:37 PM
welcome to the burg. We'll let you get another m3, as long as you promise not to wreck this one :peace:

but u should come to the meet on the 29th. We might have a decent turn out.