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  1. Watkins Glen Race Track
  2. DSC and tracking your M3
  3. AutoInsurance and Track events(non-racing)
  4. Tracking your car/biulding one ?
  5. Necessary mods for the track?
  6. Brakes for the track
  7. racing the e 36
  8. 1st Track Impressions (WRX to M3)
  9. Track Impressions
  10. New 1/4 mile times.
  11. Track your M3 or Sell it !!!!
  12. How does M3 compare to 996 on the track?
  13. Closest Track in NY area?
  14. First Track day with the ///M
  15. Taking Your M3 to the RaceTrack
  16. Performance Driving Instruction
  17. Tracking tape.
  18. Cheater Weight Savings SpreadSheet
  19. Tracking the car
  20. driving school
  21. Costs of Tracing a car
  22. track question
  23. question about roll bars??
  24. Harness Schroth vs. ACS vs. other
  25. Tracking your M
  26. Is Bmw autocross freindly with warranties
  27. Results from Illinois Track Day..........
  28. Racing school recommendations?
  29. Essentials for Tracking the m3?
  30. Open Track Days at Lime Rock
  31. Autcrossing the e46 M3
  32. 1/4 mile times?
  33. Goin Autoxossin this weekend.
  34. TRACK DAY ! Need inputs...
  35. best way to control SMG in an out of a turn...
  36. BACK FROM TRACK WITHOUT BRAKES??!!....(story with pics)
  37. TCKR Smart Design D/A Coilover Owners
  38. So I went to the track today..........
  39. Video: RoadAtlanta DE: Sunday
  40. Chkout my Video from my DE yesterday...
  41. Here's Pics and Timeslips from 10-3-04
  42. Video: Last session at Road Atlanta
  43. Swaybars
  44. What race Tire P's are people using?
  45. Motivation Video from BMW CCA
  46. Needed...Ced's M3 Weight Spec Sheet..
  47. KW V II Coils?
  48. Steel brake lines
  49. Coilovers
  50. Ramifications of adjusting my PSS9's
  51. Good place to purchase helmet?
  52. M3 racing schools
  53. Rubbing with Bilstein PSS9
  54. H&R Coilovers installed.. got a problem.
  55. Awesome time at the Grand AM Rolex Race series
  56. Willowspings "The Street". Good or bad?
  57. Spring & Shock Rates comparison
  58. SCCA accept BMW CCA License?
  59. Alright track/autox junkies: let's have'em
  60. HTR CSL Race Car!!
  61. This is THE BIBLE of driving technique!
  62. Just got back from the track
  63. Matthews or other draggers, help!
  64. Dan Law, welcome!
  65. First 1/4 Run...No Surprise here!
  66. What to do
  67. Just came back from the Drag strip!
  68. Results from first time to the drags!
  69. WOW, first time on track!
  70. adjustable shocks/struts
  71. 1/4 Mile Times For E46 M3
  72. Brake pad suggestions
  73. How was your M3's weekend, anything like this?
  74. Can't put off that brake upgrade any longer
  75. E30 M3 in hire fleet
  76. 1/4 mile times
  77. Coilovers: Pss9s or GCs?
  78. Difference in GC coilover kits? Not sure what to get!
  79. Quick Question on Brembo BBK:
  80. help me out re: suspension
  81. Class in PBOC?
  82. Only Shocks??
  83. Dragstrip results
  84. SSR Comps
  85. 10 HP Gain Noticable?
  86. Brake pedal "feel"
  87. GrandAM today at CS.. (vid inside: SC NSX)
  88. M3 this weekend
  89. Headlight Tape
  90. Upcoming event: another use of Track forum
  91. Anyone's going Barber in Nov.?
  92. Anyone going to Summit Point this Friday?
  93. H&R Evosport RSS coilovers
  94. M3forum Track Day at CMP on Dec.1
  95. How can I upgrade my FUEL? HELP
  96. Track Day Tire Pressure
  97. Track AND DE events VOID your Warranty?
  98. My first day at a race track w/ my M
  99. E46 M3 Trailer Hitch
  100. Another track pad question
  101. Wheel studs?
  102. 12's, So close yet so far away.......
  103. Pacific International Raceway ????
  104. Wheel Weight ??????????????????????'s
  105. OT: Father died - be careful of relatives
  106. Who here has turbo'd their M3?
  107. Accelerometer Review
  108. What size spacer needed for stock O.E. 18"s and Brembo 14" BBK?
  109. BBK question
  110. Redline Track Events
  111. Barber report (with vid, long)
  112. Cooling Duct Q's
  113. Drag Racing This Thursday?..need help to win?
  114. Upcoming VIR event this weekend: Anyone going?
  115. Last weekend at the track
  116. Button Willow Pics
  117. WWW Track Tours of CA Speedway and Willow Springs
  118. Camera mounts
  119. VIR full, Dec 6, Carguys DE
  120. PBOC DE and races at Barber Nov 19-21: Weather report
  121. Going to the track tomorrow
  122. Where did I go wrong?
  123. UH OH Sneak Peek from this weekend...
  124. Chasing a modded WRX STi in the wet @ the track
  125. What does the 540i Sport do in the 1/4?
  126. A little something for VIR next week
  127. Launching SMG M3 from line
  128. I am starting back slowly since Dad's passing
  129. It's on at Barber Motorsport Track :-)
  130. Track tire question
  131. A night at LACR
  132. How to properly diasable ASC for track car.......
  133. Tracks in boston
  134. Anyone going to ACNA event this weekend?
  135. Setting up Ground Control swaybars
  136. Any of you would consider selling your M3 for an FFR?
  137. n00b questions for 1st VIR track day
  138. Interesting Diffuser Example (PICS)
  139. Suspension choices, help!
  140. Thunder Hill 25hr
  141. M3 v. Mini at Road Atlanta
  142. What year and body style has the lowest overalll weight?
  143. SoCal e46 owners running GC coilovers...I have a request
  144. Anyone using a Performance Meter?
  145. 12 Sec M3....
  146. Back from VIR...
  147. VIR report (long)
  148. Anyone try this tire size combo for the track with DOT
  149. 25hr race pics
  150. R compound tires
  151. Day at Willow Springs
  152. Corner Balancing: Did They Do it Right?
  153. Have you seen this M3 track video???? Very quick
  154. Adjust Caster with Tein SS?
  155. Offical *1/4 mile times* thread!!!
  156. Launching Techniques on a 6 mt
  157. UH OH... no stoppin me
  158. VIR rain pics
  159. Anyone here trying to be competitive in ASP?
  160. Spare E46 M3 calipers & rotors available
  161. Going to the track today.
  162. Yesssss, 13.2 at 104 Last Night
  163. TWS in car vid
  164. can anyone host a video 20Meg?
  165. Rear spacer for SSR Comps?
  166. Took my car to it's 1st auto-x this weekend...
  167. Glenspeeds M3 chasing a Z4 3.0 on the track!
  168. Race Car Build-up (Tons of Pics)
  169. question, remove front brake dust shields?
  170. back Marker??? And you are what???
  171. The best way to get on Laguna Seca for a day
  172. BMW M Driving School
  173. Anyone have a email address for Ground Control?
  174. How's 110.4mph trap speed?
  175. Ground Control Mini Shop Tour and New Mount(pics)
  176. Which tires should I get? Options below:
  177. **Updated** Ground Control Rear Shock mount
  178. Anyone been to Speedworld Park in Suprise AZ?
  179. Looking for Firebird International (Phoenix, AZ) Videos
  180. Best mods to compete in Stock Class
  181. where are the TRACKS at????
  182. We'll be heading to PTG on the 29th
  183. Starting to prepare my car for another Autox
  184. Did search, can't find: pictures of rollbar and roll cages
  185. A few AutoX questions (class, tires)
  186. 9 Second E36 M3 video.....
  187. 4 point seat belts
  188. Stock spring rates
  189. STi's Around Tracks
  190. Tonight's the Night!
  191. Race Gas in Phoenix
  192. Buttonwillow with ST on Sunday?
  193. What's the best brake pads for Track & Street?
  194. Local Track Events and HDPE
  195. looking for a track?
  196. Online Track Tours - CA
  197. Autox pic attached......w/ comments
  198. Streets of Willow track day
  199. Track guys and AXers - what wheels and tires are you running
  200. 10 things I learned at the track
  201. Stock 18's on 03m3
  202. I went ot the track! Questions on SMG times...
  203. Track Preparations for Saturday
  204. Rear OEM 19's on Front
  205. Stable Energies Harness Bar
  206. FYI: Cheap track days (Summit Point w/schattenbaum PCA)
  207. ESPN Russell Performance School.. ANYONE?
  208. Tire size selection for oem 18's.
  209. Pca De @ Msr
  210. Help setting up my suspension...
  211. HELP: Ground Control Coilovers Settings
  212. Track advice please!
  213. PBOC at Barber February 19-20
  214. Lowering the PSi in your tires before racing???
  215. Track / DE Insurance
  216. Heel and Toe Driving
  217. Ride Height and it's effect on Handling
  218. M3 Competition Package on the track ?
  219. DIY alignment tools? Camber/Toe
  220. HELP:GC swaybars
  221. Transmission
  222. Rollbar education
  223. Now seat/harness questions....
  224. Helmets
  225. Need Help..For..Ultimate Track Day
  226. New GC coilovers installed!
  227. Who would be interested in a Track Rental???
  228. racing rims
  229. rollbars for M3's?
  230. M3's and rollbars?
  231. The fun never ends in the M3...
  232. Any suggestions on which tirejack to buy?
  233. Racing Harnesses with stock seats
  234. Non-staggered tires induce oversteer?
  235. first track event.. advice?
  236. Helmet question..
  237. Fikse wheels for street/track
  238. Looking for cool rear seat delete ideas
  239. gone backwards in 1/4 mile times!
  240. First DE, do I need track pads? Other advice
  241. Ever wonder what a World Challenge car..
  242. Goin to the track 2nyt...1st timer....
  243. considering BBK, anyone just run fronts?
  244. will 265's fit on front 18" OEM wheel....
  245. pads for track days
  246. MSR in-car vid
  247. R-comps vs stock tires
  248. Track Day at Putnam hosted by The Winning Formula of Louisville, KY
  249. Another AutoX, another Good day...
  250. Barber: March 12-13, anyone's going?