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  1. Flashed my DME w/ Euro Software
  2. M-track Retrofit: Success
  3. Comprehensive programmable option (coding) thread
  4. DIY programable option: CSL launch control and shifting (CSL SMG software)
  5. CSL Oil level indicator
  6. Disable Post-Cat O2s for Free
  7. Comprehensive MSS54/MSS54HP DME Information
  8. M3F $34 programmable upgrades
  9. Brake Force Display for E46
  10. DIY: Eliminate Speedometer Error
  11. Running on CSL engine managment. Wiring information
  12. BM Technic
  13. CSL SMG Engine Parameters (DME)
  14. Welcome to the Coding and Tuning subsection
  15. Disclaimers: "At Your Own Risk"
  16. DTC (OBD Error Code) Deletion/Removal Strategy
  17. Fuel Adaptations Explained
  18. map re-scaling
  19. DBW / E-throttle delete - how?
  20. Running 100% ethanol
  21. How to align DME, EWS, LCM, IKE, DSC after an engine swap?
  22. Logic level coils - success!
  23. offtopic - Toyota DME lawsuit
  24. Some Additional Rules / Guidelines About Tuning
  25. Defeating the pseudo-counter(without using BDM)
  26. NAV Splash Screen and Update
  27. OBD comms
  28. Tuning Results Injector Timing
  29. Possible for SMG Shift light earlier like e92 M3 on all gears?
  30. Acceleration Enrichment & Supplementary Injection Explained
  31. Maximum PSI 1008 rwhp on stock E36 DME
  32. Can you use inpa for accumulator test?
  33. Summary: Comprehensive MSS54/MSS54HP DME Information
  34. Update / flash ALSZ
  35. m3
  36. How to enable CSL oil level display in the instrument cluster?
  37. EWS
  38. Wrong VIN# in ALSZ and AKMB modules??
  39. Retrofit LED tail lights - coding DIY information
  40. Is this actual GT1?
  41. How to set Drive Train Gear Ratios for SMG?
  42. How to determine ECU family?
  43. Benefit of changing EU (exhaust emission standard)
  44. Slew of Throttle Sensor/Potentiometer Codes
  45. Benefit of Cold Start and Secondary Air Pump delete
  46. CSL engine management w/stock airbox?
  47. I want to do some things but am a complete noob and would like some direction.
  48. Switch-over To Full Load
  49. Newest ECU Update for my car
  50. Problem with NCSExpert
  51. Rev limits per gear modifications
  52. Identifying the MSS5x DME’s Hardware Variant and Program Version
  53. Who can provide a tune for stock EU M3?
  54. How to read SMG II Launch Control counter.
  55. EGR Bypass
  56. 3rd gear pull data
  57. ALPHA N
  58. SRS Module Removal
  59. Questions on diagnostic tools
  60. Deinstalling Shark Injector
  61. SA/WE
  62. MK60 DSC thread
  63. Question for BMW Scanner v1.4 Owners
  64. Some noob questions about diagnostic software
  65. Aux fan controller controlled SPAL fan to replace aux and clutched fans
  66. Request for help, my MSS52 has died - Want to test CSL mods!
  67. Can the Autologic program autofold mirrors?
  68. VIN coding & decoding Perl script
  69. Looking to get some remote coding done!
  70. 6MT Shift Lights Howto
  71. Sport Mode Memory/Options Howto
  72. Dyno Rev Limit Delete Howto
  73. VMax/Speed Governor Removal Howto
  74. Oil Temp Warmup Light Modification Howto
  75. Secondary Air Pump (SAP) Delete Howto
  76. Throttle Response Modification Howto
  77. How to determine used / free flash slots?
  78. Removal of 02 Sensors from DME
  79. Possible to enable e53/e39/e38 MKIV "code" feature on e46 with nav?
  80. DIY: Help using NCExpert
  81. SMG vs Manual: The Differences
  82. Question about extrapolation
  83. Questions about programming
  84. aligning modules after s54 sedan swap
  85. What BDM Flasher can I buy for flashing M3 DME?
  86. MSS54 Motorsport thermostat modification
  87. List of Volunteers Willing to Contribute their Time for Coding & Tuning
  88. Need ZB number for latest US software
  89. Tuning for a turbo on DME
  90. About to Flash Euro Tune... Some Questions
  91. Could we code the convertible "all up/down" button to the coupe?
  92. [Help] SMG to Manual (DME HW: 7835584)
  93. How to install PaSoft on 32 bit vista?
  94. SoCal members - flash me?
  95. Loan BM Technic Cable?
  96. Original files for MSS54 wanted
  97. Unlock Doors on Ignition Off?
  98. Fuel Pressure Compensation
  99. FYI: VANOS Intake Target Control Limits
  100. Will MSS54 flash overrides Tuning software?
  101. Cold Start Delete - Guide Needed
  102. Base Dyno - CSL SW
  103. DSC delete
  104. carsoft v6.5 sp1 software needed
  105. Converting an MSS54HP into an MSS54HP CSL (H-bridge)
  106. Mac users--help needed with remote TTFS tune
  107. Seeking info: Drl on with lowbeam?
  108. Oil Level Option???
  109. BMW Scanner v1.4 Issues
  110. newbie help
  111. Recovering from corrupted programming in MSS54HP
  112. Creating binary files with BSDiff
  113. Spare DME
  114. Northeast coding
  115. BEST tuning software e46 m3
  116. Fan controll and idle speed ?
  117. Bmw e93 retrofit headlights and led. help coding with ncs expert !!
  118. CSL Rev Match w/out CSL SMG Flash?
  119. Cold Start RPM
  120. XDF files??? BIN repository?
  121. BDM flash with BD32?
  122. Adaptions for ignition
  123. resetting knock memory,
  124. Adding a MAP sensor to the MZ3 MSS54 (non-HP) ECU for CSL Airbox
  125. No CAN Identification (DME)
  126. Cruise control and MSS54
  127. table testing MSS54?
  128. 512KB dump into 2x29F400 chips
  129. MSS54 DME Tuning
  130. Shadow Memory
  131. CSL SMG flash INPA reads codes in German?
  132. Galletto and bmwflash / Xdf / mss54/hp bins
  133. Electrical Leak Diagnostic Pump Valve
  134. Who here remote codes?
  135. * * * * * U P D A T E * * * * * CSL SMG Engine Parameters (DME)
  136. '01 M3 ECU Replaced
  137. GM/Delphi IAT Sensor - Install
  138. Do we have a nav wiring expert in the house?
  139. Comprehensive MSS50 DME information (Euro E36 M3 S50B32 321 PS)
  140. Looking for some Smg question
  141. Doh. Sloppy cable = Bricked. But recovered!
  142. Programing in DIS
  143. Any ideas?
  144. A2L Parsing Tool
  145. NCS Expert and J2534 cable
  146. Rear Windows also Close with Key - Mod
  147. What do i need to code my m3
  148. Failing inspection O2 and O2 heater not ready
  149. DME Bench set up
  150. VANOS Offsets?
  151. Thanks!
  152. Anyone with a GT1 in SoCal?
  153. Calculate Torque from RF?
  154. INPA/NCS EXPERT on Winows8
  155. Logging knock
  156. ProtunerM3, BMWFlash question...
  157. Changing Aux fan Values on DME
  158. ghost errors
  159. Help with hex editing code
  160. Raising idle RPM
  161. More Horsepower
  162. Alpha N back to MAF
  163. Can EvolveR cable be used for coding?
  164. what's Disable cold-start rough-running/fuel enrichment issues t's
  165. Smg to 6sp tuning
  166. New M3 owner- looking for advice on exahust
  167. adjustable audio options
  168. Deletling cold start mode
  169. IAT display rather than ambient
  170. Limp Mode with Logs!
  171. What's required to re-sync EWS?
  172. Modify HP software for non-HP hardware?
  173. 6MT Shift Lights for MSS52 - Paging p0lar
  174. Oil temp maps
  175. Mss54 bdm info request.
  176. Help a noob with TTFS ProTuner
  177. Flash Counter Location Apart from 0x800
  178. Rev-macthing on a manual car?
  179. 01 M3 with Tune, How to bypass EGT?
  180. m3 e46 2001 DSC tuning ?
  181. Tire diameter factor
  182. INPA - Checking Airbag fault codes ?
  183. SRS Airbag Light Fault Codes ~
  184. LSZ/LCM - Hex from a new module
  185. Removing/Disabling post-cat lambda sensors
  186. BS ..., or no-BS ...?
  187. FYI: DME 24 - Tank venting valve error code E46 M3.
  188. LSZ Coding Issue
  189. Issue Changing Service Interval
  190. CSL vs Euro Idle Values
  191. How long did you wait for BMWFlash license?
  192. TunerPro Map needed
  193. Coding: Low beam check
  194. bin file 'invalid' with terra checksum correction tool
  195. Chipster Automotive Siemens MSS5x flash tool??
  196. BMWFlash Changes
  197. Quad High Beams
  198. Resetting Knock Adaptations - Done
  199. Questions about an Evolve Re-Tune for Euro Headers and Cats
  200. OBC stalk not functioning
  201. CSL revmatching question
  202. Disabling O2 sensors heating diagnosis
  203. Checking if car remapped using BMWFlash?
  204. Disabling EGT sensor
  205. Using modified VAG-COM cable with BMW Flash?
  206. Full Load parameters switchover
  207. CSL flash and DME tune in central FL?
  208. SMG updates
  209. LWS (steering angle sensor) DSC coding
  210. tuning for high octane
  211. Tap's BDM DME
  212. EGT tune away.
  213. Calling SliM3
  214. Little problem with MSS54
  215. INPA: SMG reset order???
  216. looking for Air Temp sensor adress MSS54HP 1801
  217. Point me in the direction of PA soft hex editor list
  218. Knock logging
  219. Ncs expert sees cable, inpa not so much...
  220. Mapping for Burble & Pops..
  221. Anyone have an MSS52 euro full binary?
  222. Learning Values Storage
  223. Over wrote my DME and trying to get my car to start
  224. PSA: FTDI Driver Update May Brick Some Cables
  225. VANOS Tuning and VANOS Simulator
  226. Converting a MSS54 SMG into a non SMG
  227. NCS Expert Alarm Retrofit--Coding Ninjas Get In Here!
  228. Updating Module ?
  229. FYI: ULF Gen13 Pix
  230. Disable cold-start rough-running/fuel enrichment issues
  231. I am defeated, assistance please (SMG to 6MT swap, HPF car)
  232. Issues using NCS and WinKFP
  233. Removing Headlights
  234. IKE Code 191 - EEPROM coding faulty or incomplete
  235. Coding ABS module for Z4m Seat Occupancy Sensor
  236. Base fuel map.
  237. M3 tuning platforms
  238. Live tuning
  239. Coding CVM for hardtop recognition
  240. can anyone help with aligning DME to EWS
  241. About to give up on DSC
  242. Going for native CSL setup
  243. Issues getting to Expert Mode in DIS
  244. NCS Expert Help Please
  245. How does the throttle map look?
  246. Throttle reaction based on driver-wish at pre-start?
  247. DIY for supercharger injectors?
  248. can vanos intake and exhaust maps be used from cls to noraml m3
  249. Thinking of going MAP Sensor for Alpha N Airbox..
  250. FYI: ULF Gen 8 Pix